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  • I emailed support and they told me to use this forum for discussing the issue. Still have heard nothing…

    Warning signs should popup when a company uses external support devices to deal with clients and by moving it away from their site to elsewhere is a good indication of “lack of customer care” service.

    Im sure many people have things they would like to get on with and personally, my biggest holdup is Mailchimp. Chasing around looking for answers on this forum, that jungle website and other places is difficult and does NOT give a secure feeling that if anything else messes up that it will be dealt with in a timely manner.

    Do yourself a favor mailchimp and integrate all issues on your OWN website forum. In the meantime, help me with my issue please.

    Thanks for your patience. As a small team working to finish up a major product release, support issues can sometimes take a little time to get to, especially when they don’t relate to our main product line.

    Looking at your URL, I can’t see where anything is broken. The issue, as has been posted here several times, is that when the plugin is dropped in a clean site, we haven’t seen any issues to be corrected. That means, there’s something specific to your theme or custom css for your site that is causing the issue. Given that that is completely out of our hands, there’s not too much we can do unless we’re going to take on troubleshooting html/css issues for everyone. That’s a pretty unrealistic expectation for anyone to make.

    However, if someone came along and pointed out something we could tweak with the plugin to generally reduce possible issues for all users, we’d happily look at making changes.

    I’m having exactly the same problem. The mailchimp widget doesn’t seem to “close” itself properly – result is that the bottom dive I use to display a border image doesn’t show and all the HTML below the widget is thrown out.

    I strongly suspect it has something to do with a trailing character at the end of their widget code. All my other well behaved widgets end with:

    echo $after_widget;

    The mailchmip widget ends with:

    echo $after_widget;

    Note the extra } character.

    If I remove it the widget breaks but it is useless to me on any number of themes as it is as it screws up the subsequent sidebar code.

    If anybody who knows about these things could suggest a work around I would be very grateful. Mailchimp are usually excellent to work with and I was expecting this plugin to work flawlessly so I’m very disappointed to see that they are not actively addressing it here.

    Sure it’s fine to say it tests OK on a vanilla theme but I’ve never had this sort of problem – replicable across many custom/premium themes – with any other widgets I use so surely they could sort this out for the WP community – and their customers!

    The “extra” } is not extra, that’s why it breaks when you remove it. It is matched with an opening bracket much farther up the page.

    Unfortunately all I’ve been give to go on here is “this breaks”. Never how, a reproducible occurrence, or anything similar. Without some details it’s hard to do much besides try it in some random themes (we have) or double check we’ve developed the widget code following the documentation guidelines (we have).

    My guess has always been that people have broad css rules defined in their theme stylesheets which are negatively affecting the HTML tags we use for the widget display. Without a solid example, that’s remains just a guess.

    Basically, if we saw the issue or someone was able to point us to helpful details, we’d be happy to change it if it would help compatibility.

    OK – if it helps I will leave this work in progress up for the next few hours for you to look at.

    The URL is:

    The theme I am using is Lumin from

    I have added the mailchimp widget to the sidebar and added standard archives widget below it.

    The problem seems to be a closing div and as a result any code below it breaks. In this case throwing the archives widget out of the sidebar completely.

    Just navigate to any other page to see how it should render (different sidebars).

    The bottom border image – <div class=”content-bottom” style=””></div> – is occurring outside the closing widget tab when the mailchimp widget renders:

    <div class=”widget”> ……
    <div class=”content-bottom” style=””></div>

    On other working widgets it renders WITHIN the widget tab so appropriate styling is applied:

    <div class=”widget”>…….
    <div class=”content-bottom” style=””></div>

    Hope this helps …

    Was that any use Jesse?

    I didn’t get back to this in time, but I don’t think seeing it would have told me more than your description of the HTML did. I’m trying to track down a theme that does something similar to see if I can figure out what’s going on.

    Hi there

    Really glad I found this thread because I am having the exact same problem, did you ever find a solution?

    Basically whenever I put the mailchimp widget into the sidebar it seems to chuck out of the sidebar any widgets below it. I have made my sidebar work visually by styling the widgets below to make them line up, however something in the code is still not right because I’m getting validation errors when I put the homepage through the W3C validator.

    I’m sure it’s a problem with the code that’s generated and I suspect that it may be a clash with my theme’s functions.php file.

    Any help would be appreciated. My site is at and the functions.php code that relates to the home sidebar is:

    'name'          => 'Sidebar Home Right',
    'before_widget' => '<li id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">',
    'after_widget' => '</div>
    'before_title' => '	<div class="sidebox">
    			<div class="c_bottomsidebox">
    			<div class="contentbox">
    			<h2 class="widgettitle">',
    'after_title' => '</h2>',

    Thanks in advance for any help, this issue is really annoying me!


    I just checked your site and it looks like you are using the plugin and the layout looks fine. Did you figure something out? If not, it may be browser specific – where can I get a copy of the theme you are using to see if I can replicate this?



    Anyone reading this after trying to use a mailchimp widget should give up and use another product as they created something that they won’t fix and expect the tech’s on WP to sort it out for them. Don’t even bother or expect any help by sending email to or as you’ll only be directed back here.

    What good is a product if you can’t use it in a theme in Word press? Why did they create it to only work with the WP general standard theme? Wow, we all use that one.

    If you got this far, turn back now, try using global adwebber or maybe infusionsoft

    Good luck!

    I think if you read through things again you’ll see that we haven’t been unwilling to fix it, we’ve not known what needed to be fixed. That included testing on many of the top themes and not being able to find the issues. The one request we legitimately have not gotten to is supporting extra field types, though we’ve still never said we’re not going to.

    To that end, one of our support staff who has worked a lot more with WP Themes sent us some tweaks to the plugin layout that they believe will help it be more friendly to the plethora of themes out there. The new version, v1.1.9, was just pushed out and should be available shortly.



    I actually take it back because they updated the plugin an hour ago, I downloaded it and it actually worked.

    Nice work. Should have just did that in the first place rather than giving me a bunch of BS over email.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    After a server transfer, all my plugins worked fine except MailChimp sign-up widget. I re-installed, but the form presented does not work, and has different fields from before that don’t match the current fields in Mail Chimp. I have reinstalled and cannot fix the error. Of course there is no plugin support from MailChimp. How can i totally clean out this plugin and start over from scratch?

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