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  • Hi magpiegraphics,

    Two things:

    1. I find it highly improbably that an average user would want to subscribe to a newsletter from multiple addresses (unless they’re subscribing other people, which is evil and spammy). Your first approach should be to tell your client that they need to think this thing through a bit more carefully. I know that in my experience, I really _like it a lot_ when sites aren’t rats’ nests of advertising nonsense and excessive calls to action. That said, I’ll get of my soap box.

    2. To make the widget show up all the time, go to /mailchimp-widget/lib/ns_widget_mailchimp.class.php line 270, and change
    (isset($_COOKIE[$this->id_base . '-' . $this->number]) && $this->hash_mailing_list_id($this->number) == $_COOKIE[$this->id_base . '-' . $this->number]) || false == $this->ns_mc_plugin->get_mcapi()

    Please let me know if you’ve run into any issues. (2 represents my true, helpful self 😉 )




    Hello. I agree actually, as long as the subscribe widget is available to multiple users on one computer. Well perhaps I won’t need to use the alteration but thank you either way.



    Incidentally, I just tested and it works a charm. Thank you.

    Glad I could help 🙂


    This thread is listed under the wrong tag, but does seem to be resolved. Could someone with the power to do so mark it as such?



    Thanks for the tip as well. I’m using the form in a page where it has a hole if the form disappears.

    That being said, I like the idea of having the widget disappear once it’s usefulness is spent. Down with clutter!

    Radness, catriona. I’m glad it helped you. 🙂

    Thanks for this – I was having the same problem as well!

    James – I understand why you have added the ‘disappearing’ feature which I agree with. However it left a hole in my design that required the form to be there else the site looked a bit odd and testing it also took me ages.

    Would it be possible to have an option for the site owner to choose if they wanted it to disappear or not.

    Great plugin by the way, I prefer it to the main MailChimp one 🙂




    Hi! Just wanted to mention that this helped me. I also wanted to mention why I want the form to stay. It’s not because I expect the user to input multiple email addresses or anything ‘evil and spammy’.

    Quite simply, the site was designed with the form as part of the aesthetic and without it the space looks empty. So I know it has served its purpose once the user has used it but I like it to be there afterwards for design reasons.

    Thanks for a GREAT plugin!

    Hi, this also helped me. It would be great, though, if this was a checkbox option on the widget itself (or if this was in the readme).

    A few points about the assumption the widget makes: 1) one person uses each computer (not true for families, colleges, libraries); 2) a submitted request to join the mailing list has been successful (when it is sent but not confirmed, it still disappears). I presume, but have not tested, that #2 also crops up if someone has unsubscribed and then decides to go back to the website to subscribe again.

    For the above reasons and for the element of least surprise for developers, it’d be great if non-disappearing were at least a built-in option. Nevertheless, a wonderfully simple plug-in.

    I put false in the ‘-‘ spaces. Is that correct? It shows up now but the only problem is the first name of whoever filled it out last stays in the first name box when its refreshed. If I overwrite that whole line of code and put false in its place it gives me an error. Can anyone shed a little more light on what to replace? I think I’m missing something. Sorry for not understanding completely.

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