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  • The WP Plugin and the Embed code form are completely different and not related in any way. You should be using one or the other.

    Thanks, Jesse.

    For a sitewide evil popup, is it best to paste the embed code in the header.php file?

    I can’t really answer that with any sort of accuracy since things may change from theme to theme. You’ll definitely need all of the embed code we give you to appear in full on every page and you may want to separate the javascript and html.

    @ griff : I just chatted with MC chat people : they say that the evil pop up will not work on wp sites at all.

    I tried both – the widget way & direct code-paste way

    Thanks, Joy.

    I’ve purchased Popup Domination and hooked it up to Mailchimp. Works great so far. (not an aff link)

    @ griff : I checked the link. But there is no hint on the site that it works for mailchimp. Have you INSTALLED & using it ? is it just pasting the code or how easy it is ?

    I have a client asking me whether it is possible.

    Joy, yes, I’ve installed it on 3 sites thus far. You can see it in action on our community blog:

    Feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe.

    The plugin has a field for you to copy/paste the opt-in code. It took me a little bit of fiddling to get the NAME and EMAIL fields to sync up but it was pretty easy.

    @ griff – Can you tell me how you fiddled the NAME and EMAIL fields? I’m trying to use Mailchimp with Popup Domination, and when I plug in the Mailchimp HTML code into the appropriate place in Popup Domination, it doesn’t include code for the name field (that my no-speak-HTML eye can see), only the email field.

    Did you ever resolve the issue? I’m having the same problem with using PD with WordPress. It’s installed but when I submit the form it is not sending information to MC. Suggestions?

    Yes, I did figure it out.

    You have to go into MailChimp first and make sure you have selected the first name field to be added to your MC signup form when you design your form, THEN add the MC HTML code in PD.

    I also am using the MailChimp program but am having trouble with the “Mailing List HTML” area. When I use the code provided by MailChimp and add it to Popup Domination it just cycles the user back to our website. I feel it is because we use First and Last name along with the email address when Popup Domination calls for just the First name and email address. Since we have several areas on our site where the form is being used outside of the offer we are making with the Popup Domination I would hope to not have to change it all over to just the First Name & email address if this is possible. Any suggestions would be most appreciated so we can begin using it as it is vaporware at the moment.


    Would love to hear how you got the two working – I’ve got it all working fine apart from when it comes to the confirmation screen there’s no link to direct back to the website – and the confirmation email never gets sent ; /


    What I had to do was to go back into MailChimp set up another email list that only uses the 2 fileds (First Name & Email Address). I had to be sure the tags were lined up for the first name and email address fileds just as they are with Popup Domination. Then I used that PHP code in WP for the Popup Domination to be able to use that list without having to change all of our other lists. It actually turned out great to have the other list so we could track where we are using the popup for “featured downloads” as opposed to siging up for our blog posts. I am seeing if those that sign up this way will also want the daily blog post email by siging up using our usual methods on the site. If it becomes an issue I see where we can make groups in MailChimp and then go back to WP so that it would also give them the choice to sign up for the blog posts as well. I hope that helps.

    Here’s what worked for me after I borked my once-working MailChimp HTML code in Popup Domination:

    1. I got the code from MailChimp, after designing my forms with both first name and email address (<form> blah blah blah </form>).
    2. NAME showed up as the only selection in the PD dropdowns, below the HTML code box, for both Name and Email Address, even though the code showed both NAME and EMAIL.
    3. I changed the EMAIL to MAIL (three instances).
    4. I saved/updated PD.
    5. I changed MAIL back to EMAIL.
    6. I saved/updated PD.

    Now I can select either NAME or EMAIL from the dropdowns below the HTML code box. I did a test subscribe, and it worked properly and saved both name and email address in Mail Chimp.


    Thank you for the reply back. However I was able to work through a solution. Since our subscribe forms on our site were using first name, last name & email address when Popup Domination only called for first name & email address I simply created another email list in MC for those who would subscribe from the Popup Domination effort with ony the first name & email address tags. This not only got the MC code to work just fine in Popup Domination but also provides a better list segment so we can track it separately as compared to our usual list sign up methods. Between your solution and this one I hope others may also be able to use Popup DOmination as it really is working better than the “Hello Bar” we had used previously.

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