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  • What the heck? it took me a while to track down that it was the MailChimp plugin causing the conflict with the Gravity Forms date picker because… Why the heck does the MailChimp plugin even have an option to load jQ Datepicker UI when there are no dates to pick? …let alone load it by default?

    May I’m off base, but I you shouldn’t be loading JQ UI when it’s not needed and you shouldn’t be enqueing it properly to not conflict. I expect better from Crowd Favorite…

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  • Plugin Author mc_nate


    Hey there, Jon.

    We really appreciate the open and honest feedback. We’re going to pass this along and see what we can do.

    In case anyone else runs into this same problem, the best workaround is to disable the Datepicker UI from “Settings” -> “MailChimp Setup”.

    Again, we appreciate your patience, Jon. And if we can assist with anything else, please feel free to give us a shout.


    Thanks Nate and sorry for the testy tone… 30+ minutes of troubleshooting a problem that seems to have no reason to exist left me rather annoyed.

    I’d really like to know if there is any reason that the plugin loads the JQ UI Datepicker to begin with? I’ve looked through the code and as far as I can tell it’s not actually being used anywhere by the plugin. I’m far from a php/js expert though could easily be wrong.

    The plugin does seem to setup a pair of extra classes for .birthdate-pick and .date-pick, but again those don’t appear to be used anywhere by the plugin…

    Finally, it’s loading datepicker.js on all front end pages, regardless of whether they have a MC signup form on them or not and it’s not loading it from a CDN (not the end of the world).

    Plugin Author mc_nate


    Hey again, Jon!

    The reason behind the datepicker is that some MailChimp lists will include a “date” or “birthday” field in their list. In those instances, we wanted to give them an easy option for their subscribers to pick a date without having to fill in potentially ambiguous fields (mm/dd or dd/mm). This allows them to pick a date on the javascript calendar rather than just punching in the numbers and hoping that they’re using the same date system.

    Hopefully that sheds a little ray of light on things. 🙂

    If we can help any further, just holler!


    Carl tracked down the conflict. Surprisingly it’s not a JS conflict, it’s a CSS conflict. MailChimp loads Flick.css.

    I tracked it further to line 299 which sets .ui-datepicker to display:none, without that the GF date picker still works fine, and MailChimp’s shows up but is still off a little…

    Anyway, enough trouble shooting for me… I rebuilt the MailChimp signup form using a custom Gravity Forms in about 10 minutes, hours ago… so no more issues for me just wanted to track down the conflict so maybe it’d get fixed.

    FWIW, I put up a demo/test site of the conflict here:

    It’ll come down soon though….

    Plugin Author mc_nate


    Awesome. We grabbed a screenshot of what’s going on.

    Thanks again for the demonstration and documentation. 🙂


    Cool. Hopefully it just needs some added CSS specificity.

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