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  • I’m having the same problem. Does anyone have an answer to this question?

    Fred Chapman
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    Here’s something you could try: Enable the feature which stores email campaigns as blog posts. That causes the plugin to check MailChimp daily. It might trigger something which updates your MailChimp archive as well.

    I haven’t tried this myself because I don’t want to clutter up my database. I’m hoping to develop a work-around which completely bypasses this plugin. There is a way to embed MailChimp archives using some code provided by MailChimp:

    I’ll let you know if I get the MailChimp code to work with WordPress.

    Good luck,


    Thanks for the reply. But I had the autopost thing on before, though it only saved them as a draft.

    Carl, thanks for the info! I guess we can rule that out as a solution. I’ll let you know if the embedded MailChimp code works out. -Fred


    I have some good news: I was able to get MailChimp’s embedded archive code to work with WordPress!

    It’s a little tricky, because you can’t just paste the MailChimp code into a WordPress page directly. You have to create a shortcode which uses the MailChimp code and then insert your new shortcode into your WordPress page.

    Shortcode Exec PHP is a great plugin which makes it really easy to create your own shortcodes. It executes PHP code by default, but you can also execute HTML code and JavaScript if you enclose it between ?> and <? delimiters. Here’s how you would define your MailChimp shortcode:

    ... paste MailChimp embedded code here ...

    You can see how I used this work-around to display MailChimp archives on my client’s website. (I’m not using the MailChimp Archives plugin.) Problem solved!

    Best wishes,


    Thanks Fred, I have not taken a swing at this yet but wanted to let you know I got it. Let you know how it goes when i implement it.

    Sounds good, Carl! If you hit any roadblocks, just give me a shout. I’m happy to help. -Fred

    Fred – For this to work to you have to add every email to the archive folder manually?


    In the MailChimp website, you do have to create at least one folder to hold your campaign archives. You then use that folder to generate the code fragment which embeds the archive into your WordPress web page.

    Here’s an example of how I handled that. I set up my client’s website with two different kinds of automatic RSS-to-email campaigns. One kind goes out monthly to all newsletter subscribers, and the other kind goes out daily to people who asked for instant updates. I created one folder for each. The automatically generated email campaigns are automatically filed in the appropriate folder. I generated two different codes fragments for each kind of archive and embedded them into my client’s website, as you can see on the mailings page:

    If you create your email campaigns manually, then I guess you do have to move them into the designated archive folder, but you might want to do that anyway to keep things organized.


    P.S. Once you get everything where it needs to be in your MailChimp account, you don’t have to do anything extra to update the archive on your website. That’s the main advantage of the embedded code approach over the WordPress plugin.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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