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  • I upgraded to WordPress 3.1, and updated Magic Gallery to 2.0, but now all thumbnails have disappeared from my galleries. Here’s the link:

    I’ve reinstalled the plug in, tried “saving” the general settings, creating new galleries, uploading the pictures again, but nothing seems to work. I love the plugin, and would hate to switch. Help!

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  • Having the same problem, although in 3.0, and I’m out of options.

    Thanks for any help.

    Plugin Author gerbenvandijk


    Hi guys,

    Did you make the cache folder writable (chmod 777)?



    Yes – one of the first things I tried. I just double checked, and it is 777 enabled.

    Lucky ‘777’ for me as well. Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Is there anything else I/we can provide you?

    Plugin Author gerbenvandijk


    Hi guys, can you send me a link to one of the pages with thumbnails on them? Then I can do some debugging 🙂



    Yes: here is one page:


    Hello there, this has happened to my sites with Magic Gallery Plugin. One site I had to reinstall all the images. The upgrade also changes the background title colors in the media editor (can be fixed with css), but still difficult. Also, all thumbnails in the image gallery only show 20 and that is it.

    Would appreciate a response from the developer since this is really a problem for almost all sites that we run on WP! Are you working on a fix and when can we expect it or should we switch to another gallery solution?

    Thanks in advance.


    I wouldn’t get down too hard on the developer here. He built a free WordPress plugin that was really great, but alot of issues following the upgrade. I have client sites using this plugin that I needed a quick solution for them. My suggestion is to try Catablog: . it’s close enough to the same thing and I think it was a little easier to use and finctions better. Hope this helps you all.


    sorry if I sounded harsh, it’s just that the clients are pressing on us and I would just like to know what the status is.

    Thanks for the solution.

    Plugin Author gerbenvandijk


    Hi all!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys 🙂 Keep in mind that I also have to run a business, and also have a social life so in the spare time I take a look at stuff like this 😉

    to josh_tuck, i get this error when trying to view the thumbnail:

    You don't have permission to access /latest-news/wp-content/plugins/magic-gallery/image.php on this server.

    Would you be so kind to try to chmod the image.php file as well? It’s a weird issue that I haven’t encountered before, especially weird because this file has remained unchanged in the update!

    Also, keep in mind that there are differences between servers and systems where magic gallery gets installed into. I can only debug on my own servers, I have both a windows an linux server running with default setups, and my plugin installs like a dream on there. It makes sense that after 10 000 downloads some people experience problems 😉

    Lets hope we find out whats wrong so that in the future, less people will experience these issues.

    No problem, image.php is 777. If you would like FTP/WordPress access to the site I can get that info to you. I REALLY appreciate your help with this. If there were a way for me to buy you a beer, I would.

    Plugin Author gerbenvandijk


    Hi there josh, send me an email at with the ftp/wordpress access and please explain your issue in that mail as well, it will same me some time looking it all up then 😉

    I’m sure i’ll be able to take a look for you in the next week then!


    Gerben van Dijk, Gport

    Hello im using WordPress 3.1 and Magic Gallery 2.0 and the thumbs are not showing. already chmod image.php, cache folder, and uploads.

    how can i fix this


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