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  • Hi all, please forgive me if I do not explain myself correctly but I am by no means experienced with using WordPress, or coding languages. I am able to make minor code changes but that’s about it.

    I maintain which was created for us by a third party. I add new ‘Case Studies’ ( of our work using Magic Fields, which automatically adds a thumbnail to the table list linked above.

    My problem is that approximately three weeks ago, the fields I use to write and format these case studies stopped working correctly. I usually format my posts using the HTML tab and check my work in the Visual tab. The problem is, my Magic Field entry box now looks like this:

    As you can see, there are none of the formatting buttons required to make us of the WYSIWYG editor. This should not be a problem as I could just use the HTML editor as usual, but when I click the HTML tab… nothing happens. The tabs change colour, as they do when you switch between tabs, but I am still in ‘Visual Mode’ with no formatting buttons.

    The only tags which work at all are ‘bold’ and ‘line break’ in this window, but it will also will only allow me one line break – if I add two ‘p’ tags only one will be used, resulting in an ugly ‘Wall of Text’ that I wouldn’t dream of publishing.

    The end result of this is that I am unable to format my case studies the way I want, not can I add links or images, and therefore I can’t produce case studies. I’ve scoured Google for a solution but nothing seems to help – and yes I have deactivated / reactivated my plugins one by one with no change.

    The editors I use for Blog Posts still work correctly. It’s just the Case Study editor that seems to be affected.

    One final thing – I have not made any changes to the back-end of the site that could cause a change to the admin panel in this way. At least that I am aware of. This problem just appeared one day.

    Any help much appreciated.

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  • Also having this issue. Will post back if I find a solution.

    It appears the visual editor will only appear for the custom fields if the main content editor is also on the visual tab. Try selecting the visual tab then refreshing the page and the tabs should be working as intended.

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