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  • Ok…so I’ve successfully been able to show other fields (text fields) that are duplicated within a group and have them show up just fine. But now I just tried to do the same with the image field (the one that uses the wordpress gallery).

    All that shows is the word “Array” for each of the image fields. Once each time it gets duplicated.

    Here’s the code I have that I know works using other types of fields. I’d like to get it working for images as well.

            $fields = get_group('media');
            foreach($fields as $field){?>
    <?php foreach( $field['media_image'] as $list){echo $list;} ?>
    <?php } ?>

    Again, if I change the field type from image to a simple text field, the code above works flawlessly.

    Please help…thanks in advance.

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  • I have tried every possible combination of codes that I can find on the site….which was kinda difficult as half the examples are in english and the other half are in spanish…makes it really difficult to understand the example.

    But no matter what I try, the best I can get out of it is the first image in the array to show. Nothing I try shows all of the images. Again, if I simply change the field from image to text, the same code works fine and shows all entries in the group that have been duplicated.

    Seems to be a bug when it comes to using image fields that uses the WordPress media gallery.

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