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  • This plugin is pretty good at what it does, but there are massive errors in the code which will break lots of peoples blogs…. but here is a fix…

    In the “magazine-columns.php” file, in the “add_columns” function (at the top) the function uses echo at certain stages once it has processed some of the content…. this is what breaks peoples blogs!

    The Fix:
    Find if(stristr($content, '<!--column-->') && is_singular()) { at the start of the function (line 13 for me). Add a line after it that is something like $retval = "";.

    Now go through the function and find any line that starts with echo (there should be four instances of this around lines 48, 62, 65, and 73). Change echo for $retval .=.

    Go to the end of the function and just above the } else { add in return $retval;

    This should make the function behave as WordPress intended e.g. edit the content then pass it back so that other functions can also make amends if required.

    These changes NEED to be added to a future release of this plugin, otherwise people will keep having confusing errors on their blogs.

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  • oh… and if the developer is going to update the plugin, please also tidy your code up! it won’t hurt you to press the space / tab button a few times, or even to add a couple of empty lines so that the code is easier to read.

    It will make future changes easier for YOU!

    Thanks for the fix

    No Problem. There are a few more flaws in your plugin, like the fact that you can only have one set of columns per page, and the code it outputs isn’t always valid HTML (some tags get opened, but not closed, and vice-versa), but it is still pretty much the best columns solution I have found so far…. except the one I just wrote! Once I am happy there aren’t any bugs, I might submit the plugin on here 🙂

    OK… I finally got it. LOL

    HOLY COW BATMAN, you are fantastic. 🙂

    Unfortunately the 1.0.4 plugin breaks the u-Billboard image slider and also breaks the WP image caption function.


    it also condradict with any slideshow like all-in-one-slideshow

    hi, im trying use the plugin on this page:

    but it doesnt seem to be working with the PostTabs plug in. Any idea or fixes?


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