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  • tepelstreel


    should have read that before 🙂 cheers!

    Line 40 of magazine-columns.php misses a dot and shoud look like this:
    $top[$i-1] .= ‘</p>’.”\n”;

    This has to be included in the next update for the plugin.
    Actualy, the plugin should be updated ASAP with tis bug fix, because it works badly withouth it.

    Oh, come on.
    “Last Updated: 2009-4-1”. Two years ago.
    Do you really think it will ever be updated?

    BTW, line 63 is also wrong.
    It should read

    $bottom[0] = '<p class="clear" />' . $bottom[0];

    or whole bottom of the post is lost.

    Hi guys,

    I have tested several column plugins, and this one seemed to me to be the most simple to use, yet geting the job done.

    Too bad it has this annoying errors.

    In my opinnion, one of the plugin developers, should take this plugin and republish it with necesary corections. I think this should not be a problem, the code beeing opens source.

    It only has two errors, AFAIK.
    Not too hard to fix yourself.

    Unfortunatly, this cancels my TNG Embed everything,

    [youtube QtqADo-D3mQ 550] is not renderig anymore as youtube video.

    If I can’t find a solution to this bug, I will quit this plugin.

    Not tested that, but try to comment out lines 18, 20 and 23.

    I have test it, it is not working. Thanks anyway.

    The problem seems to be more complex. Such a plugin, should only work with code inside it’s Start and End tags.

    I am not sure it is worth it. There is anothor plugin, WP Post Columns , which is more complex, and acts like I was describing earlyer.

    It seemed too complex at begining, but I will experiment a little with it.

    Plugin Author bandicootmarketing


    Just uploaded a new version of the plugin. Version 1.0.4 covers all of the issues above and fixes a few others as well.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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