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    So there seems to be an issue happening where the plugin asks to re-authenticate after about a month it seems which leaves the forms useless until it’s fixed within the admin panel. I have enabled debugging, but won’t know what the issue is until it happens again, but it seems like after a while a month or so the access_token is not refreshing properly. I did find a thread on it that dated back to August 2017 of people mentioning getting a bad_refresh_token –

    Which sounds very similar to what’s happening here, but can’t be sure until I see what happens.

    I haven’t tested with disabling all other plugins just yet, but I have noticed another user having the same issue posted in here. But in regards to plugins for Gravity Forms and HubSpot itself the only one’s I have installed are: HubSpot Tracking Code for WordPress and HubSpot for Gravity Forms

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  • Plugin Author Big Sea


    Hey gorillatyler,

    I’m going to take a moment to try to make sure when this happens that it does not utterly break the front end… However, it’s up to HubSpot to trust the tokens that we’re given them… the tokens expire about every 8 hours, so the fact that it fails after a MONTH (vs a quarter of a day)… it’s hard to understand why HubSpot would have a problem with the token we’re providing when it’s the same as when we refresh with larger frequency.

    We renew about every 7.5 hours (If the authorization token has a refresh time of 8 hours, we work to send the refresh_token at least 30 minutes prior expiration)…

    I’ll keep trying to replicate this issue, but as you’ve noted, and that thread included also seems to imply, there’s something larger and unresolved at play.

    We just experienced this issue as well.

    @big-sea As I questioned in my previous post, I see the plugin made some DB changes in v3. What is required to rollback to the previous version of the plugin that doesn’t use the same HTTP client or oAuth? I’d prefer to do something seamless instead of uninstalling and reinstalling and having to remap every form field.

    This is unfortunately the second significant issue that is “larger and unresolved” that we’ve hit.

    Plugin Author Chris Lagasse


    Rolling back to 3.0 won’t solve your problem @losdos as oAuth 1.0 is no longer supported by HubSpot.

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