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  • Hi

    Whatever I edit in the preferences I am always loosing all content from my post when this plugin gets activated and only when its activated. I disabled all other plugins and returned my theme to the default too.
    If I enable the cruncher to write decription into the content itself, then tha additional content gets written back, but the original is lost. I tried to add only an image, image + text. Whatever I do all is lost.
    I will try to figure out what is wrong, but any hints are welcome.
    regards, András

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  • ps1, This is a great plugin bytheway:)

    p2, my content property is by default blank of course, so I think it should not edit (replace) it in that case.


    The evaluation “if ( isset( $this->options[‘excerpt’] ) ) {” and the others for title and content does not seem to work. If I uncheck all, then it seems as most part of “crunch_properties” does not run. But is any of these are set (I tried with the title), then all will run and replace.
    I tried to solve it in an elegant way, but I was unable to do that, solution was to comment out the line:
    $post->post_content = $this->get_source_value( $this->options[‘content’], $attachment_ids );

    If I do find the energy to make it more pro, then I will post it here.

    So now I have updating fields and also my main image remaining in the content area.

    regards, András

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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