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  • Hey. I’m having same issue, except I’m not running multisite. When new user pops up a registration window, fills all the fields, and then confirms registration – it all stucks at the animation thingie rotating, and nothing happens then (probably it should refresh the page and Fire registration complete message).

    However, user is able to register, and he is receiveing e-mail also. But what to do with that loading ani stuck?

    Found a solution – it is innacurate tho. But still it is working one – you get redirected/logged in after register confirmation.

    There is a mistake with $.post requesting get, so it returns an error – thats why script stucks.

    If you need this innacurate solution anyways, mail me [scsmash3r]@[] – remove the brackets.

    Same problem. I just installed the plugin and when I register someone, after hitting the submit button, the spinning wheel just keeps on spinnning. Can’t use this plugin.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    If someone could supply a link, I could have a look. Bear in mind that I’m pretty busy working on some other plugins atm but will be revisiting LWA hopefully within the coming week and make some improvements (along with bugfixes)

    Thanks Marcus. I very much appreciate it.

    Here is a link to a site I just set-up to test this plugin.

    Here is what I learned as I installed your plugin, Login with Ajax, to show you. When I installed your plugin, it worked properly. When I installed and activated Cimy User Extra Fields, it gets hung up like it does now. So there is something there.

    With Cimy User Extra Fields, I did not add any extra fields and even just used the plugin with its default settings, so as to rule out some of the extra settings from that plugin.

    I need extra fields and was pointed from a few places to try those two plugins together as they work well together with regard to functionality – but obviously there is this one conflict.

    Thanks for looking into it.

    And as an aside, when you get to adding improvements, one thing that I need and scsmash3r above this post needs also, )as the hack he gave me included this functionality and I was grateful for it as it was exactly what I needed), is the following.

    To have a tick box option in admin that will, when ticked, take the username and password for a new registrant and enter them automatically upon registration submission, thus logging that person in, leaving them on that page essentially to be able to immediately have access to the private content provided to registered users.

    Not sure if that would require technically that the user enters their password in the registration form via extra fields added with a plugin like Cimy’s or if the generated password for that user could be used.

    An example usage of this is for a site I am creating for a real estate client who wants to capture information from users before they show you the full details of MLS real estate searches – but they want to make it also very smooth and easy for people to register and immediately have access to the listing detail information.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this. I know you are busy. Best to you and your work.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    tried your test page, when registering the ajax request to your wp-login.php page forces a redirect to wp-login.php?checkemail=registered

    chances are you’ve got some other plugin to do with registration that’s interfering. If you can disable that behaviour within the plugin, or deactivate the other plugin, I’d bet you’ll get it working.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    interestingly, your site does in fact register your user, it just forces a redirect early, blocking LWA from returning the right messgage to show, and the spinner remains.


    As I said, (in my rather long post above), the problem occurs in conjunction with a plugin called Cimy User Extra Fields. Given that your two plugins are both very commonly used together (I have come across them many times i forums being paired or recommended), as they otherwise compliment each other nicely, is there any way you could get the plugins to work together?

    I am not a programmer, just HTML, CSS and design for the most part.

    Cimy User Extra Fields – FAQ and comments

    Thanks so much Marcus.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ve noted this down and will have a look asap.

    Note that register plus redux does work with LWA, maybe it offers similar features (haven’t checked rpr for a while, never used cimy).

    Unfortunatley, Register Plus Redux has been pulled from the WP repository

    Cimy is one of the popular options with regard to customizing the form fields.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Will definitely have to look into this soon… what a shame about redux, it was a good plugin.

    Hi.. I have the same problem with the loading screen except, the registration dont happen. I press register, it opens in a new window, i type the info, press the button and the window just stays there with the rotation thing in the middle rotating. I am quite new at this, so its probably something i have done wrong.
    Any idea what it might be?

    I am also facing the same issue, I am using buddypress. Can someone give a solution????

    same problem

    buddypress + multisite !

    any fix please

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ve been giving the plugin a hefty overhaul, and testing BP I remember now that it never did work with BP. What I used to do is just manually add a link to the regist

    The reason for this is because BP forces you to go to the Registration/Activate pages. The workaround I had for that was disabling the registration link.

    I’ve just given a hefty overhaul to the plugin which although it doesn’t fix this, it’s the first step towards it, if anyone is up for testing, that’d be helpful on moving things along! Any bugs should go in a new topic –

    I hope to dedicate more time to this plugin over the coming weeks/months, I’ll be looking closer at registration features.

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