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  • Think I’ve answered my own support question. After lots of playing around with the z-index of the exposeMask element I decided to ditch to give it a value of ‘1’ and give the div of my slider the value of ‘-1’

    This hack seems to work, maybe it may work for some other people who are having this issue???? I don’t think it really has much to do with the theme at all but I’m going to stop there.

    BTW, the positioning of the register div element looks pretty shocking in IE7….

    How did you managed it? I tried to follow your workarround but it didn’t solve for me.

    I checked the outcome when I set the “exposeMask” to 1 I can see the box. When I check this I see an outcome with the following code

    <div id="LoginWithAjax_Footer">
    	<div id="LoginWithAjax_Register" class="default" style="position: fixed; z-index: 2; top 87px; left: 440px; display: block;">

    My question is where is the z-index of the above “default” class generated? I can’t find it in the css.

    Been a while since I touched this one so I am fairly rusty, doesn’t sound like the plugin author is home either….

    I’m not really sure where the class is being generated. Check if it’s coming from your theme or not. As I recall, actually i think it came from the javascript file. Pull the js file into dreamweaver and see if you can apply ‘sorting’ on the code and you will prob be able to see it. If not, try a “Find and Replace” on the file. Failing that, do a “Find and Replace” on the whole WordPress site using the class name.

    This is usually how I get myself out of pickles and reverse engineer someone else’s code. In the end, I think i got rid of new registrations altogether and just kept the ajax login in a sidebar for members. Members have to fill in a form on the website before I sign them up anyway.

    Sorry could not be of much more help…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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