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[Plugin: Login With Ajax] Forgotten Password stalls

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  • Just to add… Using WordPress 3.4

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi, I’ve just given a hefty overhaul to the plugin which may already fix this, if you can check the beta and let me know if it fixes things for you that’d be helpful – http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/login-with-ajax.zip

    Hi Marcus, I had the same problem as bristow’s, installed the beta but it still gets stuck.

    I’m using WP 3.4.1.


    Hi Marcus, I’m having the same problem as above, haven’t tried the beta version but using wordpress 3.4.2 It would be good to get this fixed as I’m struggling to find a way to replace the forgotten password link to work with the wordpress one instead.

    I have just installed the beta version and it works fine for me. The forgotten password link now doesn’t ‘hang’ and sends the email ok.


    Those who are experiencing the issue: are you possibly using custom .htaccess rules, for example using the BulletProof Security plugin? I experience the issue and have that plugin enabled. Might or might not be connected, haven’t looked into it by myself.

    Marcus: As an immediate workaround in the plugin core the setting for using Ajax Registration should be extended to also be used to enable/disable Ajax Forgot Password feature. When disabled the links should open a new page as usual.

    I’ve implemented that in our customized template file widget_out.php. It would make a good default for the plugin core.

    There was one part I wasn’t able to customize: the error message when trying to log in with an existing username but a wrong password. Three issues were encountered:

    1. The message is in Finnish (site default language) even when the page is viewed in English.
    2. The “Forgot password” link within the error message opens the Ajax Forgot Password feature, while I would like it to follow the setting of Ajax Registration (and Lost Password Feature) being disabled and open the link in a new page, as usual.
    3. The link is not ran through qTranslate‘s qtrans_convertURL().

    One way of letting users to create customized solutions for these is to have the status replies in their own template files. This way we can eg. add calls to qTranslate as necessary.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    FYI, for me, forgotten passwords work fine. I’m using this on http://eventsmanagerpro.com and it works for me.

    Will be reviewing the plugin soon and probably rewriting certain aspects, however, if you have problems with forever spinning loaders, try disabling other plugins and/or reverting to the default WP theme to rule out other potential conflicts.

    Would it be possible to get a quick plugin update that shows all “forgotten password” and “registration” links as regular, non-AJAX ones when the setting “AJAX Registration?” is disabled?

    That should be a sufficient workaround for everyone experiencing these issues.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m in between versions locally so a quick update won’t be quick, hope to get something out this month after sorting out some end/start of year stuff.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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