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  • did you delete your site cookies before trying it?
    if not, it knew you were admin

    I recently tested it with 2.8 beta and it worked – should work on 2.7.1

    When you say wrong logins, did you use real usernames? It only locks you out if you attempt to guess passwords of actual usernames. It’s a waste of resources locking out people who are trying to guess the passwords of accounts that don’t even exist.

    Login LockDown works fine on 2.7.1


    I can’t login in. I had to have my lap top repaired and now I can’t get into blog. I’ve tired my old passwork, got a new one and login will not accept it, got another passwork and it wasn’t accepted. I’m not good with a computer and sure could use some help. Blog is part of my business and I need it–badly. I appreciate any and all help.

    Apparently did work. Bur now getting error message:

    WordPress database error Table ‘C262957_wp1.lm_lockdowns’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT lockdown_ID, floor((UNIX_TIMESTAMP(release_date)-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(now()))/60) AS minutes_left, lockdown_IP FROM lm_lockdowns WHERE release_date > now() made by require_once, do_action, call_user_func_array, print_loginlockdownAdminPage, listLockedDown


    Does not work in 2.8.1. After installing on two different WP installations, I updated the plugin settings, logged out, deleted cookies and history. I attempted to login with my admin account over a dozen times with a wrong password. I gave it the right password eventually and it logged in fine and never logged or prevented anything.

    It does not work in version 2.8.4.:-(. I also attempted to login with a wrong username/password many times and after trying that I could log in just fine with the correct information. It never locked me out.

    The problem seems to be that it never creates the necessary SQL tables. I emailed the author to see if he has a fix. I even tried wp2.7.1 and it doesn’t work there either.

    It’s working fine for me on several different blogs. Haven’t seen it not work on any version since the beginning. Right now, I’m running it on 2.8.4 and I tested it to make sure it would lock an intruder out. It did. And it logged the attempt. Worked as expected.

    Any chance y’all are on some kind of different configuration than the standard setup?

    Ok, I just tested on clean installs. Worked fine, except when I altered the config file and changed the default location of the wp-content directory. I will work on fixing that, along with the erroneous error that is getting generated *before* you try and log in (affecting versions 2.8+).

    In the mean time, for those of you who it is not working for, are you using that particular customization on your installs? Ie., as describe here:

    Thanks, and feel free to email me with any debug info you find, my email address is inside of the readme.txt.

    I just updated Login LockDown to version 1.4. This resolves the issue of the database not being created if the default location wp-content was modified, as well as the “empty username” error that was being generated prior to any login attempts.

    If anyone is still having issues after upgrading please let me know. Thanks.

    I use this plugin with WP 2.8.4. without any problems. It really works.
    I made a review for Login LockDown plugin in relation to some minor security and usability points. If interesting please visit



    At the suggestion of a fellow WordPress user after he recently attended a WordPress developers conference, I installed Login Lockdown, and now I am locked out even though I’m the admin. is my blog where I’m locked out. It’s not accepting my password. I tried twice but don’t want to go a third and REALLY get locked out. HELP!

    I’m thinking of going in from my FTP and deleting the plugin and not reinstalling it. I have very secure passwords and nobody’s going to guess at them, so I probably don’t really need this.

    Any other suggestions?

    FYI – I have tested LoginLockdown v1.5 on the following releases:

    WPMU 2.9.1
    WPMU 2.9.2
    WP 3.0-alpha

    It works great on all of them!

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