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[resolved] In a certain circumstance, this plugin can disable Network Admin for the (3 posts)

  1. dains
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just FYI, if you are the network admin and have created an account via regular username, then activated an email login plugin and this plugin, this plugin will change your username on your profile etc., but not in the site_meta table, which is where WP looks for the network admin.

    So your username will fail to log you in after the change, but the email will work. BUT, WP is still looking for the username in wp_sitemeta to authenticate you as the network admin, so the Network Admin option disappears from the Site Admin panel and you're stuck.

    My fix was to use phpmyadmin to open the wp_sitemeta table and change the username in the site_admins field to be the email address, + change the s: number to match the number of chars in the email instead of the username (that's what the s: number value is in that field, the number of chars). Voila, log in with email and there's the Network Admin option again.

    This post is just FYI if anyone else finds themselves with this problem. True to the plugin's docs, nothing happened until I updated my profile, and by then I'd forgotten all about that little detail, so I was completely stumped :)


  2. Daedalon
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It sounds to me like this is something that it'd be best for the plugin to do automatically.

    Dains: What do you think, would it be best for the plugin to handle that automatically? Would there be any possible downsides?

  3. dains
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I would say so. The point of this plugin is to sycn your username and email, and the username is used for Network Admin, so it would appear to be in scope for the plugin to change that too. There's no downside that I can see other than the network admin having to log in with their email address from now on like everyone else, and that shouldn't be a burden.

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