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  • Plugin Author Andrea Ercolino


    So it seems to me the plugin was working quite fine for you. If you could not access your blog with your standard login, that’s exactly what the plugin is supposed to do !!


    Yes, the point of the plugin is to make the standard login useless SO THAT people other than you cannot get in.

    And you get in by using your bookmarklet, that is automatically generated for you by the plugin, using your configuration, through your profile page.

    I have no problem in telling you again all this, BUT wouldn’t it be much easier just to read the documentation before shouting the plugin doesn’t work?

    My dearest Andrea…

    I can imagine you do get some folks who do not read the documentation before attempting to use your plugin.

    However, I most certainly did read it. ALL of what was provided. And here’s what it says:

    == Installation ==

    1. Upload the login-dongle directory to your wp-content/plugins directory.
    1. Click on Activate from the Plugins menu.

    = Configuration =

    1. Configure site settings from the Settings menu.
    1. Configure your admin settings from the Users/Your Profile menu.
    1. Configure other users settings from the Users/All Users menu.

    I performed all of those steps exactly as outlined. If there are other steps, they are not in the READ ME file that came in the folder, neither is any more information (apart from the message displayed to would-be hackers) on the settings page. And, as you’ll see in my first post here (the one you clearly didn’t read completely before going off on me for not reading), that I began by saying I was successful in installing *AND* configuring the plugin.

    You will also see that I said no challenge appeared (I guess that would be the bookmarklet). NOTHING appeared except the login page (which, according to you, isn’t supposed to appear until after the challenge is answered correctly). It was only after I entered my username and password that the screen went blank.

    From the configuration page:

    Bookmarklet for loggin in Send on next update
    Whenever you change the challenge or the response, after saving remember to drag and drop into your bookmarks this raw or encoded bookmarklet.

    Was I supposed to do something with this? I don’t arbitrarily select options (the checkbox) unless instructed to do so. If I was supposed to check this, that is something else that wasn’t in the instructions.

    I configured the plugin according to the instructions provided.
    There was NO CHALLENGE. Instead, I got my regular login screen.

    Now, whether or not there is more documentation somewhere that you failed to make reference to, I accept your apology for publicly ‘speaking to me’ like an idiot when, in fact, it was you who didn’t completely read what I posted.

    Again, I’m sure you do get messages from those who don’t read instructions. But that does not give you the right to assume that is always the case. It so happens, you’re communicating with (and insulting) someone who’s been using computers and installing software for over 25 years. You? Take a pill.

    Okay, because it seems the instructions are somewhat lacking in thoroughness, I decided to try something.

    The instructions do state that the bookmarklet is automatically generated. But it is not stated how it is executed.

    When I go to login.php, no challenge – or any sort of button or link to execute it automatically appears. I had to manually copy the bookmarklet link from the configuration page, and manually add it to my bookmarks folder, and then also manually retrieve and execute the bookmarklet.

    ONLY THEN does the plugin work as you say it should.

    I’ll wait for some kind of response from you. If I get none, then I won’t be using your plugin because, if this is the kind of support you provide (not to mention the smug attitude), I can do better elsewhere. And I will recommend that others do the same.

    Plugin Author Andrea Ercolino


    Wow, you do like to talk. 🙂
    I answered your other thread before seeing there were so many new words here…

    So, first of all I apologize if you felt I was rude, because I don’t like it. And, even if you think that we as WordPress developers are supposed to offer plugins and support just because, I tell you it’s not the case.

    Before telling the world (we are talking publicly, you know?) that a plugin does not work at all, first and foremost you have to try a bit harder to make it work (also because you see there are many downloads and no complaints, that should be a clue), and second, always be kind to the developer, maybe like “Am I doing something wrong?” or “Could you please help me understand your instructions?”

    About all misunderstandings in my instructions, thank you for the effort you took in describing them. Anyway, most, if not all, of them are related to not knowing what a bookmarklet is. So, why are you trying to install a plugin that states it’s based on something you don’t know anything about?

    Andrea, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Really, I am. But the fact is, when I made my initial post here, reporting that the plug in did not work for me, I did so by merely stating facts. There was no attitude. I was not accusatory. YOU, however, responded with attitude, accusing me of not reading the instructions when, in fact, I had. Believe me, I tried to find a way to report this issue to you privately, but could find none. Now, please understand, as I write this, there is no attitude. I am simply explaining facts.

    Anyone reading my first post can see that I needed help understanding the instructions, because I asked:

    1. Whether some time had to pass after configuring before the plugin would work.
    2. Whether there any browsers the plugin is incompatible with.
    3. Whether I needed to allow popups for the challenge to appear.

    I did, indeed, read all of the instructions, and at no point did they instruct me to tick a checkbox. They did, however say (or at least suggest) that the bookmarklet would be created and installed automatically, and that it would appear in place of or prior to my login screen. So, after following the instructions and this did not happen, what else was I supposed to think? If other users took it upon themselves to tick the checkbox, they made that decision on their own.

    I’m fully cognizant of that fact that software is written by people all over the world and, at times, there will be some confusion due to language translation issues. The text at the configuration checkbox reads: ‘Send on next update.’ When I read that, I ask myself “Send what?” “On the next update of what?” I don’t know what that phrase means and, as there was no specific reference to it in the instructions, I felt it safer not to tick the checkbox. All too often, when someone selects an option they are not instructed to, something quite unexpected can – and often does – happen.

    The fact that I didn’t know what a bookmarklet is is really irrelevant, as the instructions lead users to believe everything happens automatically. I know what a bookmark is; but bookmarklet was new to me. Most drivers have no clue what the alternator under their vehicle’s hood is or does, yet they have no trouble operating the vehicle. Yet, if the vehicle at some point breaks down because of an issue with the alternator, the driver is then at a loss.

    When someone offers a product or service, it is not expected that users must search other or old forums to find information that was left out. When we go into a retail store and buy an appliance, we are accustomed to having all of the installation and operating instructions included with the unit. This is – at least in the U.S. – as common an expectation as the sun coming up in the morning. Over a long period of time, I have had no trouble installing and operating most other software. But there have been times when instructions were not clear, which required contacting the author.

    We both had an issue with impatience here. I tend to write in detail to explain myself fully as. too often, people can misread the intention or emotion from text. So, again, my sincerest apologies that we got off on the wrong foot. Let’s both have a better day today.

    Plugin Author Andrea Ercolino



    Anyway, there is a reason for the checkbox not to be already ticked and for the instructions not to make any specific mention about ticking it, and it’s because there is no need to tick the checkbox for all the system to work flawlessly.

    I like comparisons too. Unfortunately, the bookmarklet is to my plugin what the key is to a car. You surely need to know what is a key, why there is one, how to use it, in order to get in the car, turn the engine on, and drive.

    I put my best into making a useful and usable plugin and you did not pay a cent for it (in any currency: it’s not a country related issue, as you seem to imply). I hope you see that even if keep repeating this basic fact and you keep ignoring it, I’m still here answering your questions and giving you my attention.

    But I only do so because I want, not because it’s required or expected.

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