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  • Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    I’m assuming “3.1.1” in the title is a type for “3.3.1”?

    Could you check your settings to see which capability is there as necessary to edit locked items? It defaults to update_core (usually admins only). If that’s what yours says and you want editors to edit locked items, change it to something like publish_pages.

    Further reading:

    Sorry, this was a typo. Actually it’s WP 3.3.1.

    The WP capability to edit locked pages is “manage_options”. This was set during installation, I did not modify this value.

    The editors in my blog do not have this capability (according to the plugin “User Role Editor”).

    I checked once again that an editor can modify a page despite of its locked state. The locked state is correctly displayed in the dashboard, and the “Quick Edit” and “Trash” items are suppressed for a locked page.

    Nevertheless, the editor can “Edit” the page and save the changes.

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    Well you had a typo, and I misread your words 😉 I thought the issue was that an Editor couldn’t edit locked items, and needed to, not that they shouldn’t edit them and could.

    Anyway, I’ve confirmed this bug. Never seen it before, I guess it must be WP 3.3 clashing. I’m too busy to address this right now, but I’ll fix it asap. Please let me know if you manage to patch it yourself!

    Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime, I’ll let your plugin enabled, since at least it shows that the page is locked. My editors are already instructed not to touch a page with locked status – perhaps that’s enough… 😉
    Nevertheless, I would be very glad if this bug would be fixed someday. Since I’m no specialist regarding the WordPress core, I’m not able to do it myself. 🙁

    Hi, I’ve just had the same issue. I managed to hide the publish meta box with a quick hack. If you go into the plugin editor, select Lock Pages then click on the lock-pages.php file. You need to find this bit of code:

    remove_meta_box( 'slugdiv', 'page', 'normal' );

    Add just below it

    remove_meta_box( 'submitdiv', 'page', 'side' );

    Then the publish meta box is taken away too. Hope this helps!

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    I’ll try and address this soon. But @sochar, best not to put your modifications into the plugin unless absolutely necessary. Make them into another small plugin, or put them into your theme’s functions.php. Then when I do finally get round to fixing this, if your modifications are things you want to keep, you won’t lose them in the plugin update.

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    Christian, I’ve just looked into this and I wonder if you’ve misunderstood the purpose of the plugin? The plugin isn’t designed to lock the content of a page, but to lock the slug, parent, etc. The idea is that editors should be free to edit the contents but admins can lock the permalink.

    It might be nice to add a “lock content” option, but it was never the intent of the plugin, and I’m working on other projects at the moment. Anyway, let me know if I’m right that you’ve misunderstood!

    Plugin Author Steve Taylor


    Meanwhile, someone on GitHub has forked the plugin and added an option that will completely remove locked pages from the view of users not authorised to edit them:

    I’m holding off on merging this into the main plugin until I get a chance to look at this properly. It seems there’s a few slightly different but overlapping requirements here, and it would be good to do it properly.

    But you could download Jez’s fork on use that in the meantime.

    you are right. I expected the plugin to lock the page contents.
    Thanks for your support!

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