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  • Hi KwarK,

    at first: you are awesome! I waited so long for a plugin like this!

    But I have some Problems. I made a big stream overview and set the Cache to 5. I dont know why but if I add too many streams on a single page then twitch will block the content (too many querys)

    Here is my homepage, then you know what I mean –

    I always retrieve the message:
    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in /www/htdocs/w00e9099/blog/video/wp-content/plugins/livetv-bundle/page-frontend/page-livetreams.php on line 341

    Line 341 is:

    $json_file = file_get_contents("$base_url", 0, null, null);

    So my question: is it possible to add a pagination? So you can show (e.g.) 10 Streams per page.

    Or are there any other solutions? I want to make a big stream overview but twitch wont allow me so many “content querys”.

    I also read your posts on – But offline caster always get an empty api content ( [] ).

    I know its a free plugin mate, but it would be really awesome if you would have any solutions for my problems! Would apreciate it! Thanks alot!

    Thats what my site should looks like later:

    Best regards, Sascha

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  • Okay the “file_get_contents”-Error was a problem with my database and my webspace. No I dont have these errors anymore.

    But I still have a question about the “Limit” function. Is it possible to show max. 10 Streams per site? You wrote a big plugin like this so I think its not a big deal to add this feature?

    I know its a free plugin, but it would be awesome if u could tell me how to do or add this feature in the next version.

    Plugin Author KwarK


    Hi Sash,

    A newest version 1.2.3 is up to date,

    This version decreases requests on external like Twitch/Justin Api (only one pull of json)

    Decrease also requests on wp database but the plugin looses its display “user:…”

    A decrease on own3d is impossible because own3d Api don’t support pull multiple channels in the same time…

    Plugin Author KwarK


    To adds a counter, it’ complicated because the plugin part for live stream page requires [shortcode] part activate and your users on other sites like multi-sites wordpress with right to create post can use [shortcode] in post with the plugin.

    Plugin Author KwarK


    If we don’t count [shortcodes], it is possible and I think to add this in a newest version because I need that too for one of my sites with multi-sites activated.

    Hi Kwark,

    mate you are awesome, really! I wanna give u a fkn hug 😀

    No more errors! I lost all my tears already in the Justin API Forum but now you released that awesome update and everything went fine!

    There is just only one “feature request”:

    Set a limit and and add a pagination for the Livestreams and maybe a function to order/sort by viewers? But the order/sort function isnt really important but Im looking forward to a pagination function.

    I already read your answers and you said “it is possible and I think to add this in a newest version” so I’m really glad for doing that plugin and thank you very much!

    Sometimes you need to say “THANK YOU” and not only downloading and using plugins. So your plugin is favorited and rated with 5 stars.

    Stay tuned mate!

    Best regards,


    it is possible to get via own3d API the game name?

    Greets, sash

    Plugin Author KwarK


    I think no with liveCheck.php from own3d

    when you make a var_dump($xml), you have this (and no more informations)

      public 'liveEvent' =>
          public 'isLive' => string 'true' (length=4)
          public 'liveViewers' => string '285' (length=3)
          public 'liveDuration' => string '402' (length=3)

    Maybe with the partner program from own3d but it’s not the vocation of the plugin (it’s in first time a basic solution for gamer/gamers team)

    But one solution is cheating on your profil->display name and add in the case display name e.g “YourDisplayName on game GameName” but for each sesssion you must update your profil… If you use the plugin for your team, it’s one basic solution but for professional site with massive pull of live streams…

    LiveTV bundle has been coded for small gamer team/gamer team (and coded for this usage) and I had not expected it would be used otherwise
    and I think the plugin reached its limits for mass live stream usage.

    I have started a professional version for this kind of usage with multi Api keys like from ustream, livestream, justin/twitch, and with a dedicated code for this kind of use (like professional sites where pulling mass live streams) with new effects, more professional themes, more themes choices, pagination, classement by games, filter by search and more (Jquery, ajaxized).

    You need to pay for the professionel version in the future?

    It is possible to remove the livestreams which are shown under the player and chat (full/normal view)

    Plugin Author KwarK


    just replace

    //Now loop of thumbnails


    //Now loop of thumbnails
     else {

    and replace

    file_put_contents($cache, $page);
    	echo ''.$page.'';


    file_put_contents($cache, $page);
    	echo ''.$page.'';

    something like that is sufficient to stop displaying the list of thumbnails when one user request one live stream with large/normal view.

    It works! Thanks man! Youre support is awesome!

    Is it possible to put comments under every single stream?

    Plugin Author KwarK


    a simple instance of comments yes, if your theme support wp_comment for page. But all comments displaying in the same box (nothing categorized by live stream).

    if you haven’t the comment selector (small “v”) in Dashboard > pages > page > add (@the bottom, same as in post section)

    1) Go In Dashboard > pages > page > add (@top right corner) look @ the button named “options screen” > click, and view if the selector (small “v”) named “discussion” is selected.

    2) After look @ the bottom of the page in your administration (the page where the shortcode livesOnline is placed), if the selector@the bottom appears and select “allow comments”.

    3) Now, if the comments box don’t appears on your front page, view

    Maybe for the professional version, I would add a system where each live stream have its personal comment instance. Maybe also for this gamer version in the next major update.

    Ye a comment feature for every single stream would be awesome!

    Cant wait for the next version! thanks for the fast answer!

    Plugin Author KwarK


    1.2.5 is up to date

    * Added option to define limitation of thumbnails by page with the new option pagination.
    * Added option to define limitation by user to limit live stream update on its profil.
    * Leave option 3 columns and added 2 new options to define thumbnails width & height
    * Added pagination for frontend and profil
    * Fix bug for twitch from one unnecessary escaping
    * Code clarification for improve performance
    * Added an alert when user requesting on one offline live stream
    * Added “offline” also for own3d in urls
    * Now absolutly all request is prepared
    * escaping html and all urls with esc_url and esc_html from wp
    * More square thumbnail in the thumbnails list to adapt more easily to more themes

    Hi KwarK very nice, thanks for the update!!! But the pagination won’t work for me and I don’t like the new $content feature cause its a lil bit more harder now to modify the stream overview.

    On my page were shown 10 streams and I set the limit to 5 but there is no pagination…. do I need to install an other plugin?

    Best regards,

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