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  • I’ve installed a new WordPress package on a hosted domain to move my LiveJournal onto. The importer plugin kept crashing, but would restart, and very quickly imported my entire LiveJournal and all the comments, which appear in the dashboard. But it won’t perform the function step3 and thread the comments and finalize. In the blog, posts are marked as having the correct number of comments, but no comments display; in the dashboard, the comments all appear with all metadata identifying which post they should follow; and I can’t get the comments to thread. The importer says it hasn’t finished, but when I try to resume, I get an error message:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function step1() on a non-object in D:\Hosting\7413495\html\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\livejournal-importer\livejournal-importer.php on line 22

    It’s frustrating, because my entire LiveJournal, has, in fact, imported completely. I just can’t connect the comments and the original posts.

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