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    I had huge server performance issues with LiveBlog, one that I spent a considerable amount of time with BlueHost Customer Service to figure out. Let me explain what I wanted to do, what happened when I tried to do it, and give some links to some screen shots I took that shows the errors. I hope this leads to a solution.

    1. Presidential Debate Live Blogging
    I intended to use LiveBlog to have a group of professional debate coaches posting their thoughts during the Romney/Obama debates. Cool idea, isn’t it? I installed Live Blogging and immediately saw problems (my links at the end are some error messages). I tried some chaching solutions and crossed my fingers hoping that it wouldn’t throttle things.

    2. What happened
    The evening of the debates didn’t do nearly as well as it should have. Google Analytics noted 265 visitors, and I received dozens of emails and FB messages saying people were not able to get in. The coaches had to post 3-6 times their blog posts to finally got online. It was a painful struggle through the commentary. Still did it, but unacceptable performance.

    3. Here are links to the error pages.

    I have since deleted LiveBlog. Immediately, the throttle reports from BlueHost plummeted and everything has been running great. I am now searching for another LiveBlog-type plugin. I was surprised at this problem, and more surprised that there weren’t other issues like this list.

    Thought you’d like to know, and perhaps something can be fixed about it. I want to do the same for the Ryan/Romney debates. The activity was incredible!

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  • And if it helps any, here is the landing page that I had LiveBlog in place. It has been taken down — I lost all the posts — but this may help give you the idea what I need to have running next week.

    Presidential Debates

    Plugin Author Nikolay Bachiyski


    Hey Chris,

    In order to make sure the liveblog delivers the news as quickly as possible, it needs some processing power on the backend and liveblogging a busy event may not be possible on a shared hosting server.

    One possible solution would be to try the caching plugins like WP Super Cache and Batcache, the Liveblog plugin has been specifically built to work with them.

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