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  • I’ve used the List Manager plugin (wp-lists) extensively on my blog. It does exactly what I need to do and for me it’s the perfect answer to not having categories for pages.

    I can see from its stats that it’s still being downloaded at least once or twice a week. But… it hasn’t been updated since 02/2005. I think it was written for WP 1.5. Yes, I’ve used it that long.

    So far, it’s kept on ticking, and it appears to be working fine under 2.7. But I’m afraid that eventually some release is going to break it, and I’ll be up a creek with no paddle.

    Does anyone know of a replacement that does the same thing? Or is anyone willing to update this to 2.7 standards?

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  • I also use this plugin extensively w/ 100+ lists on my site and regularly adding more. While it does still work on the front end with displaying the lists, the admin section no longer works w/ WP version 2.8.4.

    I’ve had to resort to adding new lists & items directly to the database via phpmyadmin, but I want to get this plugin working properly again. Several weeks ago I emailed the plugin author about updating it, but haven’t received a response. When I have some free time I may look into updating it myself.

    I had a chance to figure out how to get the admin section of this plugin working again. Near the top of the wp-lists.php file, change this:


    function wplists_admin_menu($content) {
    	global $submenu;
    	$submenu['edit.php'][35] = array(__('Lists'), 8, 'edit-lists.php');


    function wplists_admin_menu($content) {
    	add_submenu_page('edit.php', 'List Manager', 'Lists', 'level_9', 'edit-lists.php');

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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