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  1. sharyel
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I've installed several plugins - everything worked fine till today when wanted to reactivate another one. First, after activation i got a blank page instead of the normal list plugin list.

    Now when i try to get to the plugin section of the administration section i only get a blank page with the message:

    "Plugins extend and develop WordPress activity...blah blah blah" and no list. I've tryed to erase some plugins and everything seems to be ok. Doesn't matter wich plugin i erase through ftp.

    Anyone has any idea of something like that?

  2. sharyel
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Extra info: I've erased some plugins the list appeared again. I've activated 4 more and now i get the blank page in most of the plugin management associated pages. (ex: Wp-Polls, Wp-Related Posts, etc). If i erase the 4 plugins and automaticaly deactivate them, everything works just fine.

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