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  • Kinda looking for this same answer… How to move the thumbnail.

    Same here.

    What i have done is modify the source code of template file.

    Open wp-content/plugins/list-category-posts/include/CatListDisplayer.php

    CUT this line >> $lcp_display_output .= $this->get_thumbnail($single);

    PASTE it before >> $lcp_display_output .=
    $this->get_post_title($single, $this->params[‘title_tag’],

    Save your code.


    Do you mind me asking – what CSS would you use to make the text get beneath the thumbnail now when it’s located to the right of it?

    Frederick Andersen

    My2ndLovE….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I have been trying to get my darn thumbnail images to get in the correct alignment and have tried just about everything out there. This finally did the trick.

    Great suggestion, @my2ndlove. Even a newbie like me was able to make it work!

    if there was only a way to put a class for the date 🙁

    [catlist id=”224″ date=”yes” date_class=”news-date” dateformat=”l F dS, Y” excerpt=”yes” excerpt_overwrite=”yes” excerpt_size=”30″ excerpt_strip=”yes” thumbnail=”yes” thumbnail_size=”100,100 ” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

    news-date class doesn work for me anyone knows why?

    Hi there!
    I have managed to put the title below the thumbnail. Now my problem is how to put all these thumbnails to rows and columns like put into a table form.
    Can anyone help? thank you

    @eveklc…please let me know. how did you put the title below the thumbnail ?

    Ashish Kumar

    @ashish : In the end, I didn’t use this plugin.


    Thanks! works perfect!!

    @my2ndlove I modify this part of code that you say but not work 🙁 is the same! The thumbs desappears!

    Unfortunately modifying the source code gets overwritten every time you update the plugin.

    I moved the default.php code to my theme folder and modified the code there (moving the thumbnail before the title) but cant figure out how to alter the thumbnail size.

    @sogwap To alter the thumbnail size, while in your dashboard go to Settings>Media. You should see the default image sizes there. Change the thumbnail to your preferred size

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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