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  • Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    I’ll look into this for a future version of the plugin. Thanks for reporting!


    This plugin has saved my life so many times and now it’s killing me.

    PLEASE……….. enable custom post types, I desperately need the features this plugin has!!

    This function is very important to us, too. Any timeline for implementation?

    This is a great plugin, and custom posts types would put it above all the others of its type.

    Disregard! You aleady put it in there: post_type=posts

    Thank you!

    any progress with custom post types categories? i d like to keep using this plugin…

    I believe you can add the custom post type to the attributes, i.e.,


    However, I haven’t checked that recently.

    it works [catlist post_type=ai1ec_event ]
    this doesn t work [catlist post_type=ai1ec_event id=273 ]
    how do i display custom post types only for specifc taxonomy?

    Wow that’s a great thing you’ve come up with there – If that doesn’t work then I think the plugin will need an upgrade.

    Just to make sure though, the category of the special post type you’re trying to retrieve is 273? There is definitely a custom post type in your system with that category attached to it? (When I start things going I frequently make a sample post and forget to back and edit the data to make sure I have at least 1 thing in my criteria that I might be testing right there.)

    I’m wondering if you have regular posts and custom posts with category 273, maybe it would be what causes the problem, and instead try and see if it works with a category for which there are ONLY that post type=ailec_event?

    I’m not saying it should work that way, but maybe that’s how it’s currently working and you could work around the issue temporarily by setting a category that you only use with the custom post type?

    Well i have created custom taxonomy xxx for ai1ec_event custom post type
    In admin menu, under Events i have now xxx taxonomy, so i created 3 diferent categories/tags or however you call it.

    When i click over one of them, i can see url adres with

    i don t think i have any regular post category with this id also.

    I don’t see anything in his documentation that indicates he has that built in, but don’t get me wrong I don’t think he realized it wasn’t going to work, or else someone was able to benefit from the custom post ability so he released that while he’s working on other things.

    The problem I have sometimes with my taxonomies is that you can share them between posts types or not, and so it’s really important to remember to distinguish the post type otherwise you get the wrong thing.

    On one site, we did a search by a category and listed both posts and custom posts, but I didn’t do that programming. But it felt very googley of us. 🙂

    Go to his website there’s more detailed docs and forums there, and he is the nicest guy ever just drop him a line and let him know what it is you’re trying to do, if it really is easy enough, he’ll jump right on it.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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