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  • I happen to love this plugin. It’s very handy. If I wanted to create a new template that would pull in three custom fields in addition to the other options, is that possible with this plugin? I would need to find someone to help me, but if it’s not possible I won’t even bother. I figured out how to pull custom fields into a category template, but would like to add them as an option using this plugin for the end user.

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  • Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    Hi, I’ll get to work on this feature for the next release, so when 0.15 comes out, look for this feature.

    It’s been asked a lot, to use custom fields, so it’s next on the to-do list πŸ™‚

    Thanks for using the plugin!

    Oooooooooh! That sounds great. Is this something that is coming soon, in a few months, year? Not trying to rush you, just curious. πŸ™‚

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    Sooner rather than later I would say. It’s a matter of me getting the time to hack it into the plugin, so stay tuned!

    First, thank you for the awesome plugin. This is what I was looking for, for a while.

    Second, I’m looking for this same feature as well. It’ll be very useful.

    Also, another one I was looking for is GroupBy option. Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

    1 – List of Posts
    2 – By Title
    3 – Ordered Alphabetically (ASC)

    I was able to achieve this all by your plugin… now, this is the extra I’m looking for:

    4 – Group the list by (in my case) Alphabet Letter, so the end result will be:

    Articles That Start with “A”
    – list of
    – Articles that
    – Start with
    – The Letter A

    Articles That Start with “B”
    – list of
    – Articles that
    – Start with
    – The Letter B

    Articles That Start with “C”
    – list of
    – Articles that
    – Start with
    – The Letter C

    etc.. etc..

    (To extend this further, maybe even have the code recognize this, and give the option to put the line “A – B – C – D- .. etc..” on the top of the page, which have an anchor link to that section in the page… but this is a nice to have as opposed to a must have)

    Let me know if you plugin can do this in the current version, or if this is something planned in future versions.


    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    amycarolyn the custom fields support has been added on version 0.15 of the plugin, so please check it out and test it!

    In case any problems arise, please let me know.

    VixWP I hadn’t considered doing an alphabetical ordering of the posts. I guess this could be done by querying the posts that start with each letter, or adding some logic to group them with PHP once they’re retrieved from the DB. But I think this would be pretty heavy, I would have to look deeper into it.

    Thanks for using the plugin, and please keep on posting feedback, ideas and requests!


    Pardon my ignorance, but, not being a technical person, I am a little confused about the explanation of how to have the custom field show up .. I upgraded to the 0.15 version.

    You say: Added custom fields support. Define both custom field (customfield_name) and value (customfield_value) to use it.

    What that’s doing is FILTERING the list, as opposed to displaying the customer field value

    So, here’s what I’m trying to achieve. I want the screen to ultimately look like this:

    >> ABCDEFG – uvwxyz
    >> HIJKLMN – opqrst
    >> OPQRST – ijklmn
    … etc…

    (Where “ABCDEFG”, “HIJKLMN”, “OPQRST” are my post titles, and the “uvwxyz”, “opqrst”, “ijklmn”, etc are my post custom field values for customname: “subtitle”)

    So I was hoping to be able to do something like this:
    [catlist id=3 orderby=title order=ASC numberposts=-1 customfield_to_display=subtitle]

    Which, what I would expect it to do is, since it knows the post ID, it looks for a customfield by the name of “subtitle”, it would:
    – write the Post Title (as it does now) (ABCDEF)
    – put a SPACE DASH SPACE
    – write the VALUE that I’ve specified for the customfield “subtitle” (uvwxyz)

    So at the end, it’ll look like:

    >> ABCDEF – uvwxyz

    VERY SIMILAR to how you have the post AUTHOR to show up. The only difference is, in a post, there’s one author, but there may be multiple customfields. the parameter would have to add a filter. SO, by having the parameter “customfield_to_display=subtitle” , it’s like saying “customfield_display=yes customfield_value=subtitle”

    (to be really fancy, in future versions you can have users be able to type multiple custom fields, seperated by comma, OR enclosed in Paranthesis ()… so a parameter like this would display the values of the customfields specified:

    [… customfield_to_display=(subtitle, color, size) …]
    (Assuming for this exampled, “subtitle”, “color”, “size” are all customfield values). The result of this would be something like

    >> ABCDEF – uvwxyz – Red – XL

    (Now, if you want to be REALLY REALLY Fancy, then you can even include a feature where people can chose the Divider AND/OR Container to use, so your shortcode would be like:

    [… customfield_to_display=(subtitle, color, size) divider=”,” container=”{“,”}” …]

    (the container would have two elements, one for the start, and one for the end

    The result of this would be something like

    >> ABCDEF {uvwxyz, Red, XL}

    If there are no containers specified, then no container will be used, and only the DASH right after the POST-TITLE will be used:

    >> ABCDEF – uvwxyz, Red, XL

    Ok, I think I’m getting carried away at this point! πŸ™‚ Hope these give you some good ideas for the enhancement of your awesome plugin! πŸ™‚

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    VixWPI re read the whole thread now and really got the idea of what you were after. I’ll work on this, it’s a great idea to display the custom field’s values. Sorry for misunderstanding!

    I’ll get to work on it right now, so expect it for a future version! Guess 0.16 will include this already.

    Thanks for the awesome feedback. Regards!

    Anytime, buddy! it’s a great plugin, and just trying to give my 2 cents ! πŸ™‚

    Hey, thanks for working on this! I also wanted to display custom fields as opposed to filtering. Displaying the custom fields is great for posts that are job listings (category list would display title, company, location), or book listings (category list could display title, price, ISBN)… things like that.

    I’ve done this on the category pages using PHP within the loop, however your plugin is so useful for content managers to use and also for layouts that require more flexibility (no building a bunch of different templates for each page type).

    Thanks again!

    Hi Fernando,
    I’ve developed for a friend a small website, based on a theme from elegantthemes, and I used your list-category-post for image galleries.
    The galleries are list of posts with the setting “thumbnails=yes” set.
    With the last version (available at the beginnig of december) the galleries where perfect but I had a problem with the login screen which crashed. I had to disable your plugin everytime I wanted to login in the backoffice πŸ™‚
    Last week I upgraded your plugin to the latest version and the login issue disappeared. On the other hand, the galleries are not working anymore: they show the post titles and not the thumbnails.
    What can I do to correct this? I’m not good at PHP otherwise I woul tried to spot the issue, but I haven’t read of the problem anywhere and so I’m afraid it’s something that depends from my template.
    The old pluginΒ used to show as thumbnail images the images I put in the featured image field, the new version is like it doesn’t see the thumbnail image at all.

    It’s quite urgent, if you can help!! Thanks!

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    VixWP & amycarolyn look out for the new feature on version 0.16 (about to be released).

    enricofra I’ll check this out, might have changed something on the code that broke the code. I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for using the plugin and big thanks for all your feedback!

    i have just updated to the latest version and my shortcodes are a little messed up.
    Is there some sort of protocol after/before updating (such as deactivating plugin while updating)?
    I admit i have nested my shortcodes. I hope this makes sense.
    ie. history page has a shortcode for posts for each year, and each year has a shortcode for all the posts of that year..
    None the less, on my ‘history page’ i do not see the second layer of shortcodes but rather (…)
    the page in question is
    any thoughts on how i can fix this would be helpful.

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    Hi ortixia,
    There’s no protocol on updating, the problem is I did some fixes on shortcode nesting.

    The problem was, if you had a post on category 4 wich used say:
    [catlist id=4]
    Then you created another post wich included the previous post, so there would an infinite loop.

    I obviously messed up, didn’t consider other loopings like your case…
    I’ll fix it and release version 0.16.1 asap.

    Thanks for posting!


    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    ortixia it’s fixed on version 0.16.1. It should be available on your WordPress Dashboard in some minutes.

    Sorry about uploading this bug, and thanks for posting about your problem!

    Wow! thank you.
    I am very grateful for this plug-in as it is the only one I could find which does support a nested short-code.
    I am glad to be able to continue with this.

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