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  • Hi!

    I was SOOOO glad to find this plugin, but seemingly I can not get it to work.

    Whenever I use the link code in a caption (does not matter which version of the code, or if I use single or double quotes) I have the same effect that I had without the plugin when I included a regular HTML link: caption and surrounding div gone, image just displayed “as is”, no floating, no caption, no link…

    Is it possible the plugin is sabotaged by the theme (Thesis with Blogussion skin in this case)?

    Anybody else having similar problems?

    thanks for any hints, I would LOVE to finally have links in my captions, and so would the folks who’s images I use in my blogs… 😉


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  • still would love to hear from other users or the developer, but in the meantime I found a VERY simple workaround that enables links without any plugins.

    In the HTML editor add your link to the caption with the usual HTML code. Replace the double quotes with single quotes. NOT the double quotes in the link code, but those enclosing the caption=”…” part.

    So the final code looks something like

    [caption id="" align="alignright" width="250" caption='Smart Caption blahblah <a href="">Anchor Text</a>']<img title="cool pic" src="" alt="Smart SEO Alttext" width="250"/>[/caption]

    Found here

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Does the plugin work if you change themes?

    Plugin also does not work for me, just as Elfenwald describes. I’m also using Thesis 1.8 (but without any skin such as Blogussion). I switched to the default TwentyTen plugin that comes with WordPress and the plugin works fine. Elfenwald’s workaround is better than nothing, but still won’t allow me to view my posts outside of HTML view. I really need to use Thesis plugin, and have invested so much time in developing for it. Hope someone can figure out how to make the links in captions plugin work with Thesis.

    Does the plugin work if you change themes?

    Yes Zack, with some themes it seems to work, with others not.
    Maybe the usual problem that neither theme- nor plugin- developers prefix their variables etc. to make them unique and then they interfere with each other.

    But actually I did not investigate further, because I never use anything but the HTML view anyways and replacing two quotes is easier for me than anything else… 😉

    So, no offense, but I kicked the plugin and do it manually.
    Cheers & thanks for the reply!

    This plugin does not work with Thesis theme. Help! Can you figure out how to make it compatible? Thanks so much!!

    Specifically, in thesis (i’m not sure about other themes) the {link url=””}{/link} type code works when manually inserting it via html mode, but switching to visual mode breaks the caption at the first quote.
    i.e., caption reads:

    {link url=”

    Additionally, the {a href=” type syntax doesn’t work at all.

    I’d like to say that at least for me it works (WordPress 3.0.5 and Suffusion Theme) but only when i add the images individually. If i use in my post the Gallery shortcode to bring the images, all captions getting stripped again. Please, if anyone could help would be really appreciated, because it’s very frastating to add a lot of images one by one. Thank you in advance. Hope to receive an answer soon!

    I am also curious about this plug-in used in the galley form. It works if I individually add images, but when I try to add a galley, most of the code shows up in the caption. I am using Twenty-Ten.
    Is there some trick to getting this to work in a galley?

    Would it be better to create a table and add my linkable images that way?
    Or is there another plug-in that might work?

    DOes not work for me at all in Suffusion theme WordPress 3.1.1 🙁

    I can’t get this plugin to work either. I’m using a child version of the most recent update of the Twenty-ten theme and WP 3.2. When I add a link to a caption as instructed, the link html appears instead of the text of the caption.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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