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[Resolved] [Plugin: LinkedIn Profile Synchronizer Tool] Fatal error

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    I assume you’re using version 0.8.8 of the plugin. Which other plugins are installed and when are you getting this error?

    Thanks, Bas

    I am using 0.8.8. I did a search for “OAuthRequest” and found references in the following plugins:


    Plugin Author bastb


    Ah thanks, I’ll try to release a new version

    Plugin Author bastb


    Please update to version 0.8.9 and let me know if this fixed the issue.

    Thank you! No error now. Great!

    However, after I get my token and secret and enter them into the settings screen, when I click Save, I get this error:

    There is a problem getting an authorization code from LinkedIn®:

    Unexpected result from the server “https://api.linkedin.com/uas/oauth/requestToken” (401) while requesting a request token
    This may be caused by incorrect OAuth Identification, a slow internet connection or a problem at LinkedIn®. Retry in a couple of minutes if you did not change anything

    I’ve tried it over the course of about 10 minutes with no luck.

    Plugin Author bastb


    That’s weird. Can you see if there’s anything special in the webserver error logging?

    Nothing in the error logs.

    Plugin Author bastb


    Just to be sure I understand this (new) problem:

    • You’ve installed & activated LiPS version 0.8.9.
    • You clicked Tools -> LinkedIn Profile Sync and you got a section in which you copied the OAuth Token and secret.
    • You clicked “Save” and the error popped up?

    I’ve seen this 401 error when I mixed the Token and Secret. Please click “Forget OAuth” and copy them from the LinkedIn developer page.

    Correct, except for one thing.

    When I entered the Token and Secret, I clicked Save and I did see the “LinkedIn Data Access and Profile Synchronization” screen. After I selected a Profile Page and clicked Save a second time, then I saw the error.

    I copied the “OAuth User Token” and the “OAuth User Secret” directly from the developer page.

    Also, I only filled out the fields on the LI Application Details page that has asterisks.

    Plugin Author bastb


    Thanks, the steps you’re describing is how it’s supposed to work.

    Also, I only filled out the fields on the LI Application Details page that has asterisks.

    Should not really be a problem. Did you select “Development” as Live Status?

    Please click “Forget OAuth” on the plugin configuration page and open the LinkedIn Developer Network Application Details page again. Copy the value of API Key found on the LI Application Details page to the OAuth Token field found on the LinkedIn Profile Synchronization Tool section and copy the value of the Secret Key to the OAuth Secret and click Save again, then try to fetch your profile again.

    Bingo. By switching to the other set of credentials …

    API Key
    Secret Key

    … rather than …

    OAuth User Token
    OAuth User Secret

    … I did get to the next dialog box, which says:

    The plugin needs to be authorized to access your data. Click the Authorization Page link, grant access and paste the security code in the textbox:
    By visiting the LinkedIn Authorization page, pasting the security code here and clicking “Fetch” you allow the tool to:
    Read your LinkedIn® profile data and modify a page on this host using a template
    Store the profile data on this host

    I clicked on the link to the authorization page, allowed access, received a five digit number, copied it into the dialog box, and the process ran.

    However, I’m only seeing Education, none of the other sections.


    Plugin Author bastb


    Thanks. Could you let me know which tokens you were using? I’ll use it update the documentation.

    I’ve reviewed http://jaycollier.net/linkedin/resume and I can see only the first position being added. Can you review the apache server error logging to see if there are error messages?

    I can dig a little deeper, but I’ll need a debug page for that. You can create a debug page from the Development Settings section found in the LinkedIn Profile Synchronization page, checking Debug Data On-a-Page and selecting the page you want to write the profile data to. Synchronize your profile again and drop me an email through http://www.tenberge-ict.nl/contact/english/. I’ll tell you what to do by email.

    Plugin Author bastb


    I’ve not received a message, so I guess the problem is resolved. Feel free to reopen this post, create a new one or contact me when you experience problems.

    Since this feature isn’t as important as others I’m rolling-out, I just uninstalled and and will try again in future. Not necessarily resolved for me, but you can close the ticket.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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