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  • Works perfect. Sorely needed in WordPress, which is very limited otherwise in inter-linking, particularly as WordPress becomes more widely used as a CMS. The name of it undersells itself though as it does more than it says and links to pages also. A good possible improvement would an option to just show one button in the HTML editor instead of two, and which then either shows ALL posts and pages, or there could be two tabs, one for posts and one for pages (as content editors may not understand the difference between posts and pages. eg. I’m using WordPress as a CMS, and will use ‘posts’ for news items’, and ‘pages’ for all other website pages – editors will probably not understand the difference or reasoning). Either way though this is a great plugin.

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  • Matt Jensen


    Thought of another improvement. Create an option in ‘Settings’ where the admin can choose whether links inserted are to the permalink or to the page/post ID. I have customised this plugin myself so that it only links to the page or post ID – the reason for this is that if pages are moved around, permalinks get broken – but the beatufy of WordPress is that even if you link to a page/post ID, the page will redirect itself to the permalink-ed URL once clicked on – and this way you never get broken URLs.

    I like the idea of multiple tabs. Not only could you have “Posts” and “Pages”, but you could have a tab for “Categories” and “Tags” as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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