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undefined index errors with WP_DEBUG (5 posts)

  1. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    When link library is active with WP_DEBUG set to true, there is an undefined variable warning and several undefined index warnings on link library's general settings page and an undefined index warning on the front end.


  2. Yannick Lefebvre
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    I corrected all of the undefined variable errors that I could catch with WP_DEBUG on in my configuration. Please update to the latest version and let me know if you see any more warnings in your installation. If not, please mark the issue as resolved.


  3. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Yannick

    I just installed the version 5.4.7 on a local test site with WP_DEBUG on & got the Notice:

    Undefined index: includescriptcss in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 5699

    on the front end

    Then on the Link Library General Settings page:

    Notice:  Undefined variable: options in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1022


    Notice:  Undefined index: includescriptcss in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1664
    Notice:  Undefined index: debugmode in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1668
    Notice:  Undefined index: pagetitleprefix in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1672
    Notice:  Undefined index: pagetitlesuffix in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1676
    Notice:  Undefined index: thumbshotscid in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1680
    Notice:  Undefined index: linksubmissionthankyouurl in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1706
    Notice:  Undefined index: moderationnotificationtitle in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1710
    Notice:  Undefined index: emaillinksubmitter in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1714
    Notice:  Undefined index: usefirstpartsubmittername in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1718
    Notice:  Undefined index: moderatorname in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1722
    Notice:  Undefined index: moderatoremail in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1726
    Notice:  Undefined index: approvalemailtitle in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1730
    Notice:  Undefined index: approvalemailbody in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1734
    Notice:  Undefined index: rejectedemailtitle in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1738
    Notice:  Undefined index: rejectedemailbody in .../link-library/link-library.php on line 1742
  4. Yannick Lefebvre
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Could you try going to the "Link Library General Settings" page and saving the settings? Most of these are options that were introduced in relatively recent versions. Have you been a Link Library user for some time?

  5. cubecolour
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Yannick. I have used Link Library for a while on another site, but this is a new local site.

    I had already tried saving the settings, but the notices were still present, but on further investigation with WP_DEBUG set to false it appears that the notices shown within input boxes had actually been saved as the values for those fields. I cleared the values in Link Library General Settings and saved again. Then when WP_DEBUG was set to true, the only notice that appeared on that page was the 'Undefined variable: options...' one at the top of the page.

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