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  • Hi,

    I use the feature to show thumbnails of the links by activating “Use for dynamic link images”.

    But now I am waiting for weeks now, that all the screenshots from thumbshots are at my site, instead of showing all the time the “coming soon” image.

    The thumbshot website does not show any help for this.

    Any idea?

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I have no control over the generation of thumbnails on I can suggest a few things:

    – Upgrade to a paid account and enter the CID that you get from into Link Library. Paid accounts get faster updates of thumbnails

    – Save thumbnails locally to your web server from thumbshots and complement them with thumbnails generated from other online services.

    Let me know if you need any help for either of these solutions.


    Hi Yannick,

    thanks, but could you please let me know, where and how I can allocate my own thumbnail images at my server to the links?


    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Of course. You can assign your own images to link in the default editor under the advanced section of the editor in the image address field.

    Thanks a lot, I have tried this.

    But there are still problems:

    I have some already existing links, where since months, the “coming soon”-image is shown and “Use for dynamic link images” is enabled in the plugin’s settings:

    If I let this enabled and add in the link editor my own image, then the image is only shown in the link editor, but not at the website. At the frontend/website is still the “coming soon” image from “”.

    It seems, that at existing links always the use of the have priority, no matter, if an own image has been uploaded.

    However, if I have enabled “Use for dynamic link images” in the plugin’s settings and add a complete new link with an own image, then my new image is shown and correctly in thumbnail size.

    But if I now disable “Use for dynamic link images” in the plugin’s settings and upload my own image (800×600 px for example), the image is shown in backend and at the website, but it is not resized to a thumbnail size.

    Do you have any idea, how to add an own image, no matter what size, and that this is then resized to a certain thumbnail size?

    And how to add afterwards to existing links an own image, where the “coming soon”-image is still there?


    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    To get the bets quality, you should resize your own images before uploading them to be associated with the link. Otherwise, the browser scaling often ends up making images with artifacts and it takes much longer to download a big image and scale it than to download a small image.

    If you absolutely want to associate big images with links and have them scaled, you would need to wrap the image in a div class, then add an entry in your stylesheet for that class with the max-width and max-height properties to scale the image down.


    Thanks, Yannick.

    But the problem is, that your plugin ignore, if I upload for old, existing (!) links instead of the eternal “thumbshot-coming-soon-image” an own screenshot.
    These old links always uses this “coming-soon-image” and not my own one.

    Uploading own screenshots does only work, if it is a complete new link entry.

    May it be a database problem, that your plugin has the “coming-soon-image” for old links and does not let my own new uploaded images show?

    Deleting the link and writing it complete new as a new link does not solve this, as long as this new link has the same URL and description …

    I think some of csigncsign’s questions are answered here:

    Yannick, if in Settings we choose “Use for dynamic link images”, and Thumbshots returns no images, would it be doable to have Link Library automatically use a saved image instead?


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