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  • Hi Leo,

    I activated the “Show RSS Feed Headers in Link Library output” and “Show RSS Feed Content in Link Library output” options and set the “Number of RSS articles shown in Link Library Output” option to 1.

    These parameters are almost at the bottom of the configuration page.




    Thanks Yannick. This is such a useful plugin, and the Resources page I produced with it is now the most visited page on my site.

    I reset current settings, then did as you said. The new page

    displays this error message:

    Warning: /home/leo/public_html/ is not writeable in /home/leo/public_html/ on line 1779

    Dunno what that means or what to do with it.

    While I’m abusing your kindness, I may as well ask two more dumb questions:

    (1) Can I hide the box that says “Blogroll” in blue, and the bold text that says “Blogroll” right beneath it?

    (2) At the top of the page, can I show a linked list of the blogs, so people can jump to the rss? So it will look kinda like this:

    except that it will show the blogs rather than the link categories?

    Thanks again for this plugin, and for your help!

    Hi Leo,

    The error that you are getting is because the RSS functionality need to write out a cache file to your web host and there is no directory with that name or it’s not writeable.

    Using an FTP client or other means of accessing your web host, you need to go to the wp-content/cache directory of your site and create a sub-directory called link-library and make it writeable. If the cache folder does not exist, it will need to be created as well.

    To remove the blogroll box, just remove the call to [link-library-cats] from your page.

    I am not sure what you mean by question 2. Could you try to explain a bit further?




    The error’s gone, thanks! I was also able to remove the blogroll box, but can’t figure out how to remove the word “Blogroll” under the page title (kinda redundant).

    Re my question 2, not a big deal. Since an RSS output could take a lot of space, I was just wondering if there’s a way I could list, at the top of the page, the names of the blogs in the blogroll, so if a user clicks on the name, she can quickly scroll down to see the rss output for that blog.

    But I wouldn’t need that if there’s a way to show just the titles, dates, and maybe the first 500 characters of the posts. That way I can, for example, show three posts for each blogger, in a consistent format (so each blog takes about the same space), using my existing theme elements (fonts, colors, etc – so the feeds blend in with the rest of the site).

    Would also be cool if each extract could include a thumbnail of an image from the original post. But now I know I’m asking for too much.

    Just a wishlist, I’m very happy with Link Library just as it is.

    I could add an option in the next version not to show the category names. I am actively working on it these days.

    For the second question, I understand what you mean and will see what could be done within the scope of my plugin.

    I will also consider the other things that you mention but it does start to be a lot of things that might not all make sense for the majority of users. I will let you now how I progress.

    Follow me on my blog or on Twitter for announcements of new versions.



    Thanks for considering the ideas Yannick. It’s easy to make suggestions, specially since I can’t do any of the work. I’ve subscribed to your RSS.

    I added an option in Link Library 2.5 to specify if you want the category names to be displayed or not. It is called “Show Category Names”.

    Still thinking about the other items.



    Thanks Yannick! Weird thing though, I deselected “Show Category Names”, but after updating, it got checked again. Tried that three times, same thing. I recorded the screens in case you need to see them.

    Also, I tried to show RSS previews by selecting the “Show RSS Preview Link”. But the preview button does not appear in Firefox. In IE, it shows up as an X. I took a screenshot.

    Here’s a link to the page:

    Don’t know why that’s the case, since it works great in your example:

    Hmm… I must have a small bug in the admin code. I will look at updating this tonight.

    Category names are showing up in my example.

    Hi Leo,

    I changed the option from Show Category Names to Hide Category Names, and fixed the admin code so that the option works correctly now.

    Look out for version 2.5.3 in the next hour or two.


    Thanks Yannick, I’m able to hide category names now.

    Still have a problem with RSS previews, but I see that it works in your example.

    Which problem are you still having with RSS previews. I thought that the error message had disappeared. I only see your request to limit the number of characters in the thread above. Unless I am missing something?

    it’s just with the preview button on this page:

    it does not appear in firefox
    in ie it shows up as an X
    in chrome, it shows up as another icon (i don’t know what it’s called)

    in both ie and chrome when i click on the X or that other icon, it does bring up a preview of the RSS

    Did you copy all files from the latest version? There was a typo whereby the name of the preview icon had an uppercase P at the beginning of its name instead of a lower-case P. If you change that, the icon should show up correctly.

    I upgraded automatically, and it looked like it copied all the files. Should I have done something differently?

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