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  • Resolved Michael4fm


    Damn! I’ve spent ages getting another ‘links’ plugin to work how I wanted as closely as I could, and compromising when I couldn’t work out how.

    Now I find this one that does not only everything I want, but does it easily and stylishly, and gives me new ideas for other things that are possible.

    Why does it have to be so good?

    None of your ‘example’ sites demonstrate showing just one category on a post / page – which is what I’m planning and expect to be able to do with this. If I can make it work as the quick test I’ve done indicates, I’ll send you a link. Perhaps you might want to add it as another example of ‘tweaking’ it to output things differently.

    I tend to think there are no ‘bad’ plugins, only those that do what you want / need and those that don’t. But compared to this one? Hmmm. All I can say is that if you take the highest superlatives I’ve used for other plugins … this one’s better! 🙂

    I’m off to redesign my site now I’ve found this. No doubt I’ll break it when I really push it to it’s limits, but right now I don’t see how!

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Hi Michael, Thanks for all the good words 🙂 I am glad that you are enjoying Link Library. I have been developing it for about 7 years now and it grew to provide a lot of capabilities over time.

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for sucha quick response!

    One tiny hiccup … I can’t get thumbnails to display, even though they’ve been created. However, I saw from the forum ‘subject’ titles that this issue has already been raised so you’ve either already supplied solutions or are at least aware … so I’ll check there before whining that I can’t ge it to work!

    The following are [meant as] constuctive (hopefully) feedback and suggestions for when you have th time and if you have the inclination.

    1. Took me quite a bit of work to find out how to display just one category … eventually found the answer in a support forum comment. I persisted, because I was sure it would be ‘somewhere’, so was determined to find it. Others might not be so pig-headed as I am! Perhaps a list of functions / variables a user can employ? Or if there already is one, and it was just me being stupid or wordblind, perhaps make it more prominent?
    2. The label text for ‘large description’ doesn’t centre in the cell. As everything else does, it looks a bit weird if you use that label.
    3. It would be great to have the facility for different ‘standard’ emails according to which library is in use, so perhaps the options on the first page should vary according to the library number, just as all the other info does?
    4. An acknowledgement email isn’t sent if entries are “auto-approved”. The facility to send one would be great, because it could contain ‘reminder’ info, like how to get entries deleted etc. There’s two ways to do this (probably more, but I’ve only thought of two so far) just automatically sending one when the site is input, just like if it went through a ‘moderation’ process, or a third category of “temporary approval” so that the site is added straight away but still goes into a ‘moderation’ queue, so that it can be ‘formally’ accepted or rejected later. I kinda like the sound of that option, because if there’s a day or two delay between the visitor entering their site and when an admin moderates it, the email will also remind the visitor they’ve taken the action … might prompt them to visit the site again.
    5. I’ve got some examples of use, if you want to include them, though as the site isn’t ‘live’ yet, it’s not actually populated yet, so you might want to wait a bit before adding it.

      There is the ‘standard’ list of categories then a directory of entries in each here:

      There’s also an example of just outputting one category on one post here:

      The directory is output under “Real Life Examples” and the “Add Link” form is initially hidden under ‘expanding text’ underneath.

      I’m planning to produce a very similar page for your ‘Link Library’ plugin (a highly complimentary one I have to say!) but haven’t yet. Maybe this would be the best example when it’s done? If you decide you want to, I’m happy to provide a ‘test bed’ where visitors you’ve directed there can also add their site, to see the plugin’s “Add Link”, “Redirect on submission” etc. features at work. I’m probably going to do this anyway, to show these features to anyone who has come directly to the site.

      If you want a link to ‘your’ page once I’ve created it, just let me know either by this forum (where I’ve ticked ‘notify me’) or by direct email to

      Once again, many thanks for producing, and supporting, such a fab plugin.

      🙂 Michael 🙂

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