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  • Seems pretty simple to me…

    This plugin is used to be able to create a page on your web site that will contain a list of all of the link categories that you have defined inside of the Links section of the WordPress administration, along with all links defined in these categories. The user can select a sub-set of categories to be displayed or not displayed. Link Library also offers a mode where only one category is shown at a time, using AJAX queries to load other categories based on user input.

    Hi Diego,

    Have you looked at the installation instructions at:

    Are you having trouble understanding what the plugin does or how to get it to work?

    The simplest thing you can do is to install Link Library and then add the keyword [link-library] on a page in your WordPress site. Going a step further, you could also add [link-library-cats]. This will already give you some output.

    All other settings in the admin panel are used to refine the results that you will get in the output.


    Hi, Yannick

    I get where Diego’s coming from.

    I’ve used a lot of WP plugins, done many installs, reinstalls etc. I don’t usually complain, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered documentation with such a high degree of unawareness of how to talk to a medium-adept user like me–or the need for it.

    I’m finally getting somewhere with Link Library after a lot of time and pain. The only reason I didn’t give up (as many probably have) was that I’m stubborn, and Link Library is clearly worth the struggle.

    Some folks will say, as kperrone implied, “what’s the problem?” I’ve heard that a lot because I used to help tech clients “translate” their draft materials into language that could be read and understood by their own marketing and sales people. I would always start with: “how would you explain this to your 8 year old son?”

    You’re obviously a very bright developer on the way to a successful career. But if you REALLY want to successful, I suggest you consider revising or rewriting your how-to materials–“translating” them into reasonably ordinary descriptive language. Link Library deserves it.

    Here’s a hint: Your paragraph beginning, “The simplest thing…” would be a good starting point. When you knew you were talking to Diego, who was clueless, you started communicating.


    Thanks for the feedback Bill. I will look at addressing this in the next version of the plugin, which I am currently working on for release in the next week or two. I was also looking at redesigning the admin panel and might also add some basic information there for people who don’t take the time to read through the readme.

    Version 2.5 includes the admin panel redesign that I was mentioning. Let me know if it helps using the plugin more effectively.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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