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  • Hi there.
    Thanks for a great plugin.

    I have hit a snag though in the setup.

    I am running WordPress 3.3.1 on a multisite install and cannot get the links to show. I am getting “No links found.” and categories show how many links are visible, but clicking the category does not show the links.

    I also tested the link loading form. I am seeing that one message needs to be moderated, but when I go to the moderated list it is empty. I tried deselecting “Keep this link private” under WordPress links, but the moderation message remains. I have also turned “Debug mode” on, but not seeing any errors.

    I tried both network activating the plugin and activating site by site.

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  • Same here on all counts.


    The email notification from the link loading form keeps sending an email. I had to disable the email notification to prevent this from happening.

    EDIT: I installed version link-library-2.5.5 and it works.

    Wow! Yes, 2.5.5 worked and confirmed this is the plugin I am looking for!

    Yannick, any thoughts on why the latest version wouldn’t work for us? I’m going to keep exploring with 2.5.5 but would love to update at some point if possible.


    Welcome. I have a problem with which I can not help myself at all. Link Library The plugin does not show me the contents of the category. Llinki are not active, do not want to display anything. See for yourself: I set according to your recommendation and it did not work. Can you help me somehow? My wordpress 3.3.1.

    I deleted the plugin. I kept getting moderation tons emails.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    2.5.5 is a very old version with a number of security issues. It should not be used.

    1two3 => Were you getting a lot of moderation e-mails with the same content of different content coming from spambots? The newer versions of Link Library include a captcha option to be able to filter out spam bots.

    ApeConMyth => Can you try to re-install the latest version so I can see what is happening? I assume that you are currently running version 2.5.5?

    sariwo => I can’t access your web site. It seem that you may have a typo in the address.

    Yannick => 5.4.7 reinstalled! Still getting “No links found.”

    Thanks for your time!

    Hi Yannick

    Thank you for your reply. I know you are very busy at the moment.

    I am getting lots of moderation issues with the same content. I am still getting them despite deleting the plugin. Please could you point me to which database entries to delete to stop the emails.

    Is there v 5.4.6 somewhere I can download to get the links working?

    Hello. I installed 5.4.7 and was also getting “No links found.”

    Then I replaced link-library.php with the one from 5.4.6 located here:

    The links show up fine now.


    Thank you for that solution. My links are now showing. Did you manage to get [link-library-cats settings=#] to work?

    I’m having the same problem, and even with the solution presented by @ josed, my link does not appear. Any other idea?

    Same problem for me –
    I can get cats to work (but I just get a listing, nothing clicks or expands). What I really need though is for the basic settings shortcode to work. It feels like the Link categories are out of sync with the Library settings but I have checked and rechecked…. It’s a mystery to me… Help! 🙂

    I have the same problem, the catogories work fine, links does not.

    I have my setup here:

    Using version 5.4.7 of link library and version 3.3.1 of wordpress.

    Had the same problem, reverted to the link-library.php from previous version and now it works. Obviously would prefer it just works in the new version so I don’t have to remember to NOT update it, since it now prompts me to upgrade.

    Just for the record, same problem, just installed the plugin today. I used it once before a couple months back and it worked just fine then. Showing with “No links found.” after putting the [link-library settings=#] with # replaced with the number.

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