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  • Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: Filename cannot be empty in …/wp-content/plugins/link-library/link-library.php on line 1140

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/wp-content/plugins/link-library/link-library.php:1140) in …/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881

    Any ideas?

    Great plugin. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Not right away. I will only be able to investigate this issue next week. Sorry for the delay.

    No problem. Thanks for your impending reply!

    BTW – the line 1140 in link-library is

    $handle = fopen($_FILES['linksfile']['tmp_name'], "r");

    checked all the files for empty spaces or lines… all good. Going to ask shared hosting co. if there are limitations with fopen.

    Who’s your ISP?

    If you send a link to the site in question I may be able to help.

    Place the following code into a file in your web root somewhere:


    Then open it in a web browser and it’ll list all your php settings (assuming the ISP hasn’t disabled this function).

    allow_url_fopen value is in the Core section of the report.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Thanks for the help in troubleshooting this.

    I was not able to get to this. I am moving to a new house next week so things are a bit hectic right now.

    I can look at it more in 2 weeks or so if erentzenco does not figure it out.

    Apparently two fields are required that were missing in several lines of the spreadsheet; URL (Address) and description. Without them the import failed with the above errors.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I am glad to hear that you got it loading. However, I am a bit puzzled why missing fields would have been the culprit here, since the error line you were getting pointed to the file not being present. I looked at the code again and am not really sure why this happened.

    Well, I finally got back to retrying the import. It has 500 plus new links. What I did was imported 20 at a time without a problem though anymore seems to produce the same error. Is there a limit? It’s not like the import timed out. Maybe I should post a snippet of the CSV file?

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Ah, I see. The size limit for file uploads is something that is configured as part of your PHP ini file. How large is the file? You can try to install a plugin such as to see what is the maximum upload file size. There is a good chance that it’s higher than your complete file with 500 links.

    upload_max_filesize 30M is more than enough?

    So, I selected all the rows while the CSV file was opened in OpenOffice Calc and cut and pasted it into a blank spreadsheet. That seemed to work. All I can think is that there was empty lines/rows after the last occupied row and those empty rows offended link library.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Thanks for the update. 30M should be enough as long as the csv was smaller than 30 MB.

    Could you mark the issue as resolved if everything is working now? Thanks.

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