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  • That could be interesting so that the user would know how many pages of links there are to page through. How many pages of links do you have on your blog? I can look at implementing this type of feature.

    There are 25 links per page and I have 8 pages

    All right. I will try to implement something for this in the next couple of days. I was mainly asking about number of pages to understand the complexity of the code that I need to write. For 8 pages, you would probably want all 8 pages to be visible. You would only want to start hiding some pages when you go to higher values.

    I will do a first implementation where it shows all pages and then improve if people start to have too many link pages.

    Stay tuned!

    Version 2.7 introduces this new feature. Let me know if it works as expected and mark the issue as resolved if it does.

    Can you make it show only the first 10 pages and just add a previous & next button? making it show all pages will cause the layout to overlap sidebar.

    You can see demo here

    Hmm… You said that you had 8 pages of links, not 10 or more. I was asking so that I could implement a simple page listing mechanism and not start figuring out where I was in the list.

    I will have to work on this a bit more to think of a clean way to display a limited number of links.

    Version 2.7.2 improves the pagination mechanic. Let me know if that works better for you.

    Well it was 8 pages but each day I add a lot of links so the page increased. Anyway the new version solved it

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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