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  • Hi,

    First- thank you for the plug-in. It is exactly what I’m looking for- or at least I think.
    I have a few basic & general questions- please excuse my lack of knowledge!

    1. I’m having trouble finding where/how to edit the look of my submission form. Can you please give me some direction?

    2. The directory I want to create would have links that fall into multiple categories. Is there a way to add an additional category selection box on the form? So that it could be in multiple?
    -Or, a way to add tags to the links and make them searchable…..

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    1. The form is in a div with the class lladdlink. You can add entries in the stylesheet to style it as desired.

    2. That’s a big of a tougher one, especially since links that are assigned to multiple categories are displayed under multiple category headings, which not everyone likes.

    I could look at potentially adding a tag system, but the same issue would occur. Do you want links with multiple categories to be displayed multiple times in the output? Or are you only displaying one category at a time, thus having the link show up under multiple categories is desired?

    Thanks for the fast response!

    I do want the link to display under multiple categories. As far as the display, I hadn’t thought that far- but I guess it would be best to have only one category display at a time.

    My directory/library will be one of wedding bios (personal sites that brides create while planning their wedding).
    People often search by their wedding colors- which may be blue and green. So I could have a blue weddings category, and a green weddings category- and the link could show up under both.

    Otherwise, I would have to create categories for every possible color combo- which, as you can imagine, would be a long list.

    People also like to search by location (state, maybe city) and other types of categories- so a link could fall into multiple categories.

    I thought a work around might be to use the description box and direct them to enter in keywords separated by commas (like tags)- which would then be searchable.
    But I tested this- and the search did not pull up anything that was listed in that box. It only seemed to search the name.

    The Business Directory plug in seems to have a search feature that will search a variety of fields (state, city, keywords, etc) which would be great—but it doesn’t work, and apparently has a lot of issues.

    I feel like your plug in is the closest to what I need and clearly the best maintained (thank you again!). Let me know if you think Im asking too much of it, though. I realize it wasn’t quite designed for what Im looking for.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    What you are asking for is reasonable, but will take me a bit of time to implement, especially since I am working on some other projects. Are you still in a phase where you are putting the site together and have a bit of flexibility before you go live?

    My blog is up now- this is just a feature that I want to add. I’d like to get it up as soon as possible; however it’s not holding up anything else. What’s your best guess on a release for the added abilities? This will help me gauge whether or not I should just work with Link Library as it is today and upgrade it later, or just wait for your update before even starting.

    I may be able to pay for the update if needed. email me at shari

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    It probably won’t be for another month or two. I am working on a few other plugin projects for other folks, thus being stuck with not much free time to take on anything else. I will try to squeez this in earlier but basically can’t make promises right now. Already promised too many things 🙂

    Hi again!

    How is your workload looking?! Any hopes of getting the tags and ability to place links in multiple categories soon?


    If you haven’t installed Link Library yet, I would just go for it and work within it’s current capabilities. If the requested features are feasible, I am sure they will be added at some point.

    I’ve been using Link Library since the launch of my site, and out of all the plugins I use, Link Library is definitely the most developed. Anytime I get a message about updating a plugin, 90% of the time it is Link Library.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    My work load is still very high at the moment. I am pushing out updates as needed on Link Library but not new features and working on something new called Community Events, as well as preparing to talk at Wordcamp Montreal this week-end.

    Ok, thanks for the update.

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