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  • I had the version 2.5.7 and because of a paging problem with categories, I updated to the recent version – which is 2.8.1. i think. Now category links wont work. Search still works, pagination works but category links just show the Ajax loading icon but it never loads.

    Did anyone have such a problem?

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  • I have reproduced this problem and am currently investigating. I fixed what I had obviously broken but am still having problems after the first category change. Others keep going back to the same one.

    I will continue investigating tomorrow night. Sorry for the trouble.

    Ok thank you…

    I tried a couple things myself, but could not get any results – since I do not know the whole code… I just checked some of the calls only.

    But all I know is, the page show the initial default category correctly when the page is first loaded using the category id. It only fails when i try to change the category through the link, calling the ajax query.

    I confirm having the same issue with 2.8.1. No link are showing up anymore.

    Version 2.8.2 will be up soon to correct the issue. Please let me know if things get back to normal and mark the issue as resolved if it does.

    @jackdewey – thanks for all the hard work you put into this Plugin. I think it’s one that gets taken care off the most. I really like the functionality of Link Library and look forward to fully empower it on my site. I will let you know if it fixed the problem for me as soon as the new version is out.


    So I just updated my Plugin to version 2.8.1 and it’s working again. There’s one “bug” though I can’t really understand. If I want it to show only one category at a time and put in the ID of my category called Links (ID 6), it’s not working. But if I change this value to 7, it’s working and the correct category (Links) is showing up as default.

    You can go and check out my links at or let me know how I could help to find why this is (or anything else).

    I updated the plugin to 2.8.2. The issue I mentioned here is solved. Thank you.

    However, the initial problem for which I have resorted to the newer versions is still there. When there are more than one pages of links under a category, i.e. the links are ‘paginated’, when I try to go to another page under that category, the link category displays the default link category instead of going back to the second page of selected category. (should i put up a new topic for this?)

    @xenopain – now that you mention the pagination problem I also have encounter this issue with the 2.8.2 version. And sorry of course in my update before I meant to say that I updated to the 2.8.2 version.

    Aquadonis, for the category ID mismatch issue, I double-checked my SQL statements in the back-end and they seem sound. Are you familiar enough with your server’s administration panel to send me a database dump of the following tables


    I will double-check that all data is correct and run some queries on the data to see why I am not seeing any issues with my dataset.

    For the pagination issue, I never intended AJAX mode and Pagination mode to be used together, hence the problems that you are seeing. I will have to investigate deeper to see if this might be possible.

    I did not see such a problem myself. All I can say is, if you manually edited links and link categories in the databases, there are multiple tables that you have to modify as Jackdewey pointed out with the table names given, if you just modified one of them – it would mess things up.

    @jackdewey – sorry I’ve been awfully busy and traveling the last couple days. I will try to get those DB tables your way in the next few days.

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