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  • This looks like the same problem as with the “Press This” bookmarklet in Tools.

    The below fix works for it, but it’s not the same code for the “Add Links” bookmarklet, so it won’t work. But maybe someone can explain how to get it to work?

    Try this.
    It has to do with the URI Encoding getting mixed up with the mod_rewrite...
    the part where it says u='+e(l.href)+' change it to u='+e(l.href.replace(/\//g,'\\/'))+'
    so my 'Press This' code would be
    javascript:var d=document,w=window,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),f='',l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,g=f+'?u='+e(l.href.replace(/\//g,'\\/'))+'&t='+e(d.title)+'&s='+e(s)+'&v=2';function a(){if(!,'t','toolbar=0,resizable=0,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=720,height=570')){l.href=g;}}a();void(0);
    For my blog your blog wil have your domain in the Press This link.

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  • This works….


    basically just adding the


    to the url is what does it.

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