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  • This is very much by design.

    Otherwise it would be possible to attack admin for allowed retries – 1, and then log in to a normal account to reset count.

    It would be possible to keep track ofretry count for each user tried (for each IP), but that seems rather unnecessary.

    Perhaps, though, it might be interesting to include a button to do a reset of retries, in the admin panel to use while testing things?

    Ahh – yes – I see what you mean. I had assumed the counter was stored on a per-user basis rather than globally – so that if User X logged in successfully then only User X’s login counter would be reset – other users counters would be unaffected.

    As for the potential of Admin lockouts – yes, this is something which had crossed my mind also – obviously its not desirable to disable lockout limiting completely for these users, especially for these account types, at least not permanently anyway. As you suggest, perhaps a configurable option to temporarily disable login limits for Admin (or specific) users during testing would be one way around this – although not ideal I guess.

    I suppose you could always automatically email the Admin account with a one-time unique URL (once per lockout) which when accessed would reset the login limit counter for that user – thus allowing them to retry immediately (but would still require a valid login username/password to gain access). Of course, this relies on the Admin user having email access at the time.

    Just to clarify regarding stored globally. Everything: retries count, lockouts, is stored for each Internet address.

    Problems with this is:
    – Admin wanting to test that it works! 🙂 (fortunately first few lockout for IP is only 20 minutes by default..)
    – If you are extremely, extremely unlucky with a dynamic IP

    We do not really care about the case of IP legitimately locked out because they failed way too many times (4*4 times in default before the long lockout) and then unable to log in to their own account.

    Adding an additional element (an user name, chosen by attacker) to store doesn’t really help much and adds storage space and complexity.

    Regarding reseting lockouts I think the available options should be enough — any way around an enforcement mechanism is a potential weakness — though I’m certainly open to be persuaded otherwise.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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