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  • The plugin works great. Whenever I like my own post, admin link is created.

    I just upgraded to v1.9.4 and I see a new field “Facebook Page ID”. I am not sure what it is used for?

    (I assume that you can manually add your page by this, so people can become fan of that page. But then, the page is not unique for per post? And if so, doesn’t facebook automatically creates fan pages when you become admin of that?)

    PS: I don’t know if its possible. But it would be great if we can do the following functionality. When someone clicks like button on any ‘post’, two things happen.
    1] The link to that post will appear in his news feed (current functionality)
    2] In addition to this, he becomes fan of my websites fan page. (not to be confused with ‘post’, but the main facebook fan page of my website)
    Is this even possible?

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  • @brijux

    This new functionality is not yet documented by Facebook.
    You can play with it and give us feedbacks however we’re pretty ahead of the curve (too much?) so I wouldn’t worry about it until Facebook gives some real docs and/or intent.

    For the functionality 2/ you want, I’m pretty sure it would be against Facebook’s way of using it.

    They want the Like button to be close to what you actually like.
    It makes sense as liking a specific post on your site doesn’t mean you like the whole site.
    For people to like your whole website or your Facebook page, I suggest you use the Facebook Like Box (and not button), the way we do it on our blog:
    with the “Find us on Facebook” badge on the right sidebar.

    Thanks for your answer..!!

    I already have facebook fan badge on my website. But people seems to only like pages and not the website fan page. So I thought it would be great if I can accumulate all the like numbers into one.

    I dont know how to code wordpress plugins but I am trying to merge this two into one button if I can. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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