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  • Plugin Author puzich


    Lightview 3 comes with 3 Skins. in Lightview Plus you can use these skins and you have the option to change the colors and some further options.

    What I mean is that those changes to the skin should be disabled by default, since only then would it not modify the defaults of a skin when choosing one.

    The default options defined in lightview-plus.php set ‘mac’ while the default of Lightview 3 is ‘dark’. In fact the following options are different:

    ‘lv_skin’ => ‘mac’, //-> dark
    ‘lv_background_color’ => ‘#ffffff’, //-> #fff, but dark skin sets it to #141414
    ‘lv_border_color’ => ‘#ffffff’, //-> #cccccc, dark sets #000
    ‘lv_border_size’ => 8, //-> LV3 has the border disabled on all skins, uses padding
    ‘lv_overlay_color’ => ‘#000000’, //-> #202020
    ‘lv_overlay_opacity’ => 0.7, //-> 0.85
    ‘lv_radius_size’ => 8, //-> 5 with a padding of 10 on dark, 10 with padding 10 on other skins
    ‘lv_shadow’ => 0, //-> true
    ‘lv_shadow_blur’ => 1, //-> 3
    ‘lv_shadow_opacity’ => 0.3 //-> 0.15, dark skin sets 0.08

    Looks like these problems are leftovers from and older version of Lightview.

    Because the way the defaults work conflict with defaults of individual skins it should be better if only the skin itself could be selected, and if the current defaults became a skin like ‘lightview-plus’ that we could also select that would be perfect.

    Plugin Author puzich


    These aren’t left overs. I tried to repuduce the old skin from lightview 2.x, because I thought, that many users will scream that it looks different.

    But, if you want, I will implement an option to deactivate the custom settings. OK?

    That’s not how people think, we want to upgrade to Lightview 3 when using the updated plugin, that includes its looks.

    When downloading the plugin from the Lightview 3 site and seeing it there you don’t want to end up with a result that gets customized to the point where it is an ugly in-between Lightview 2 and 3.

    Even if you turned that into a skin called ‘lightview2’ I doubt anybody will go back to it, since it’s just not the real thing. I’d rather use the old plugin if a client wants the Lightview 2 look. You’d expect the default to be the default of Lightview 3, an unmodified dark skin.

    I think it’s only smart to make use of the Lightview 3 update to introduce the new defaults since otherwise you’ll be supporting a plugin that looks like a Lightview 2.5, and someone else will end up creating a plugin for the actual Lightview 3 look.

    Hi Puzich,

    The lightview-plus plugin works great, but only partly. In combination with Nextgen I am having trouble with the numbered buttons below the image shown. They don’t appear, or show up. The close button works fine, but the image buttons don’t. Any idea on how to solve this?

    Kind regards, Willem

    Hi Willem,

    I encountered the same problem and have just figured it out.
    You need to change the code in the NGG custom effect window to:

    class=”lightview” rel=”gallery[%GALLERY_NAME%]”
    class=”lightview” data-lightview-group=”%GALLERY_NAME%”

    You should already have the first line, just add the second.

    Hi Jordi,

    Great solution! Especially since Lightview integrates beautiful with Nextgen. If find this the best solution, since no page redraws are neccesary

    Thx! Willem

    I’ll add that if I found that using the built-in Lightview Plus settings to change the skin didn’t work for me.
    But I found a way to switch the ‘mac’ by changing the same nextgen custom effect code to:

    class=”lightview” data-lightview-group=”%GALLERY_NAME%” data-lightview-group-options=”skin: ‘mac'”

    i don’t know how long i spent on the issue ngg and lightview …
    you made my day (or was it week? 😉
    thanks much

    yep Jordi made my day and week as well. Probably this solution will gain more attention in the ngg and lightview community…!

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