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  • Under Lightbox Plus – Primary Lightbox Settings:
    Primary Lightbox – Base Settings:
    For Grouping Labels, the first field isn’t remembered and always displays the word “image”, such as “image 4 of 20″ instead of something like “# 4 of 20”.

    I’m using the latest available: Lightbox Plus Options v2.2.2 (ColorBox v1.3.15) on several different WordPress 3.0.5 installations.

    See the behavior at

    This used to work properly in a prior version, but broke in (I think) v2.2, and is still broken in v2.2.2.

    Anyone have a fix?


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  • I have noticed this bug as well. No idea how to fix it though.

    This bug is still “bugging” me. Seems like something a developer would want to fix, since it’s a visual blemish.

    I found a workaround for Lightbox Plus 2.2.2 (the extraneous scroll bar bug returned in 2.3 and is still present in 2.4, so I’m not upgrading). In the first field of the Grouping Labels I put a space and in the second field I put a slash. The plugin remembers this, so now I have “1/9”, “2/9”, etc. instead of “image 1 of 9”, “image 2 of 9”, etc. This works for me.

    There is actually a space on either side of the slash, so the pagination appears as “1 / 9”, “2 / 9”, etc., but I can live with this. Interestingly, there is no leading space, which is better anyway! This trick also works in 2.3, but I haven’t tested it in 2.4.

    Thanks be to TheNIghtRider. The space trick worked for me. I put a space in the first field to defeat the default. Then I started with a space in second field, followed by “of”.
    Now I get “1 of 3”.

    Glad to be of service!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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