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  • As far as I can see, currently it is not possible to exclude some pictures from being auto-lightboxed (option auto-lightbox on).

    Am I right on that one or is there something like a css class e.g. ‘nolightbox’ that can be assigned to links/images which prevents any replacements?

    I could not find anything like that, so I tried to mess with the patterns/replacements. My first attempts still matched. Did it with positive/negative lookahead/lookbehind.

    Does anyone have a solution to patch this?

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  • Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    The next release will allow you to exclude images by setting rel=”something-other-than-lightbox” when you have auto-lightbox on.

    RegEx will be replaced by an HTML parser.

    Is this done? I’d like to exclude a link to a video so people can open it directly on YouTube instead of on the page (an alternative for people using iPhones, since you can’t load the video in the Flash version that loads with lightbox).


    i’m a total noob with this but my solution was: <img class="aligncenter" style="border: none;" src="" />

    the wordpress image insertion automatically hangs the <a href= code onto the picture, which causes the lightbox to appear. i still had a border around my image, which went away after adding style="border: none;"

    I have published several posts on and every picture is added to the same gallery and shows up in the slideshow of each post if you stay on that page and just click on one of the images.
    How can I only show the picture(s) from one post in one Lightbox?
    Thanks in advance.

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