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  • Hi there.

    Does anyone know a reason (apart from the million I’ve tried!) that the Close icon isn’t displaying when I open an image using the Lightbox Gallery plugin? I just get the missing image display.

    The image is in the correct folder, it is called correctly through the produced html and I can’t work out why it’s not displaying!

    Far too vague for a proper answer I should think…

    Happy days.

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  • Grrr – sorry for not putting a title… can it be edited – title could be something along lines of “Close image not displaying”…


    Much madness. Sorry again… I’ll get my coat.

    Did you install WordPress into the subdirectory? If so, you need to edit the lightbox path in the lightbox-gallery.js. Please confirm it. Thanks.

    Hi Hiroaki,
    Could you help me to understand the functionality of this Plugin.
    I am getting confused..whether this1 collects the images from media and manage a gallery or only responsible for displaying the images in light box!
    I have tried all possibilities provided in web, but didn’t get solution.
    How the tag ‘[gallery]‘ works?
    There is another plugin ‘Media Library Gallery’..which describes the process of use so nicely that any1 could put right thing in place, but there is no such perfect guideline for ‘Lightbox Gallery’.
    The information is all confusing..where to change?how to change?…
    I need this light box effect to display the gallery images, as well as the requirement to manage the gallery images in proportional thumb format.
    Before I left let me explain my intention…
    I have created a page ‘Gallery’ from wp-admin, which contains the images posted under media of the wordpress. Now, in this page the I want to display those images in thumb and light box both.

    So, please help me with some physical examples or screen shots.

    Hi Sagar,
    The Lightbox Gallery plugin adds the lightbox effect into the default [gallery] shortcode. [gallery] shortcode makes images which are related to the post display on the post as a gallery.

    So what are you confused? If you can not get the lightbox effect, let me know the page url which you are using the [gallery] shortcode. I may say something useful for you. Thanks.

    Hi Hiroaki,
    Thanks for the reply.
    It would be really good to send you the link of the page..Here it is..
    You can see, now the worpress is using ‘Media Library Gallery’. It’s okay, but the requirement is to change next-previous property of the light box and it matches with your creation.
    I have already used [gallery] shortcode, but getting no images!
    So, please give me some solution.


    I really like this plugin and just cannot seem to figure this out. I have been using WordPress for 3 months now.
    The instructions are not very clear to me….

    Edit the lightbox-gallery.js and check the path of line 2 according to your settings.
    Copy the lightbox-gallery directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
    Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    That’s it! 🙂
    Lightbox Gallery will load ‘lightbox-gallery.css’ and ‘lightbox-gallery.js’ from your theme’s directory if they exist.
    If they don’t exist, they will just load the default ‘lightbox-gallery.css’ and ‘lightbox-gallery.js’ that come with Lightbox Gallery. This will allow you to upgrade Lightbox Gallery without worrying about overwriting your lightbox gallery styles that you have created.

    Now what?

    The plug-in is installed and I went to the settings and made my choices and updated it.
    After that, WHAT?
    Is there a step-by-step tutorial?
    Hiroaki Miyashita <<< You have made a good creation but your instructions are really really vague for a newbie.
    Can you put up a step by step instructions?
    I will make a good donation trust me.

    Just upload images and write down [gallery] into the post content area. The images are shown with the lightbox effect. Thanks.



    Hi Hiroaki, followed all the above, checked all the settings, but lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.js (inactive)

    Can you give some advice on how to activate?


    I understand how the gallery tag works, I’m having problem getting the plugin to display the close, next and previous images one the thumbnails enlarge. On my case I have wp installed in a subdirectory of the site. I’m aware the lightbox-gallery.js path has to change, I quite don’t understand what to write on the second line.
    this is what I have on the second line.

    var lightbox_path = ‘http://’+location.hostname+’/wp-content/plugins/lightbox-gallery/’;

    I have tried many things but I keep getting error messages from dreamweaver when I try changing it. This is where my blog is installed

    Can anybody help ? What should I change on the second line?

    Thanks In Advance


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