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  • Simple as that. I’ve installed the plugin, used the [gallery] tag on a page and double/triple-checked all my settings, but this plugin does not add any lightbox functionality. In other words, it doesn’t work. I know the plugin is actually running because it IS organizing the pictures on my [gallery] page – but I get the following error on the same page as reported in Firefox’s error console.

    Error: jQuery(“.gallery1 a”).lightBox is not a function

    I’ve been searching everywhere for information on an error like this but apparently it’s not in the documentation, not in an FAQ and nobody else has had this problem. Very frustrating.

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  • Plugin Author Hiroaki Miyashita


    The scripts may not be loaded properly. Please confirm if wp_head(); exists in header.php. And also try to check Enforce loading the lightbox gallery scripts in the setting page of the lightbox gallery plugin. Thanks.

    I’m having the same problem, I’ve checked “Enforce loading the gallery scripts…” and added wp_head(); to the header file and it still doesn’t work.

    Plugin Author Hiroaki Miyashita


    Let me show your gallery page. I will be able to say more.

    I got the same problem. For information it’s went I used the code :
    echo do_shortcode('[gallery"]');

    In order to display the gallery outside the page content. But as you suggest the “Enforce loading the lightbox gallery scripts:” option work well and solved the problem.

    I now try to find something like an enlarge button to show the image in full size…

    wp_head(); must be before </head> tag
    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    thx Miyashita

    Following the plugin’s instructions to a T, still doesn’t work.

    The javascript calls are added to the header, but the rel=”whatever” links are not added to the links in the gallery.

    Also, I don’t see anything in WP or the plugin’s settings that back up that this plugin “Divides Gallery into several pages” or “extends the default gallery options”.

    All the plugin seems to do is add the JS to the header…

    I have the same problem, and have checked the wp_head and “Enforce loading the lightbox gallery scripts:”.

    The images simply link to a new page containing only the image.

    This might not work for anyone else but cazwilson09, but I was having the same problem until under Settings > Lightbox Gallery I filled out the following fields:

    • In case that you would like to set the default number of columns:
    • In case that you would like to set the default thumbnail size:
    • In case that you would like to set the default lightbox size:

    What I overlooked the first time was that in the latter two options, you must use one of the choices mentioned to the right of the field, i.e. thumbnail medium large full. Once I entered these variables, Lightbox Gallery worked great.

    same as cazwilson09, anyone worked this out yet?


    I had the same frustration for a few days. Found my solution! Installed Cleaner Gallery plugin and now lightbox gallery works like a charm!



    If it doesn’t work without specific settings, and the installation instructions say it does, then the installation instructions are wrong and the plugin is broken.

    NOT recommended.

    Same as cazwilson09 and bazonline – any updates on this?

    For me, the ppoblem went away when I checked the box beside:
    “The lightbox gallery scripts are loaded in every page”

    I’d prefer it if these only appeared on pages with galleries, but it’s enough for me that they work now. The site isn’t supposed to be high-traffic.

    Quite a nice plugin once I got it going.

    I can’t get it to work either. The rel attribute isn’t added to my link tags. If I chose HighSlide JS it works though.

    I’d really love to get this going. Has the author given up on this?

    Solved by installing Cleaner Galleries.

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