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    Installed the module, registered it as instructed and run it.
    First run was ok, but after an hour when my first cron job run to bring in more content from RSS feeds, leenkme run and used up al lthe resources on the server bringing it to its knees.
    It appeared as though after finishing it left some processes hanging so the server could still not be accessed. finally the module was removed and all is back to normal.
    As well as the above issue, I found that many items were posted multiple times to twitter. Some of the 8 times in just a few seconds.

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  • Plugin Author Lew Ayotte


    Hey Ossi58,

    Thanks for the feedback. This sounds more like a combination of problems, rather an issue with I’d have to see your server setup to be sure.

    It sounds like every hour you pull in a bunch of items from RSS feeds, which become individual posts on your website. would then send every new post to Twitter/etc. Which undoubtedly will cause extra load on your server. However, the plugin itself does very little work.

    I am really surprised that you found multiple of the same items posted on Twitter. Mainly because you’re not suppose to be able to post a duplicate tweet within 24 hours of the original. They started blocking duplicate posts back in 2009 (

    I wish I could have seen your Twitter stream when this happened.

    Sorry the plugin didn’t work out for your needs and thanks again for the feedback.


    Hi Lew,

    Yes, Twitter will block duplicate posts but the shortened url was different each time so it was getting through.
    You can see the stream on and go back to Sept 28 at 06:10:42 I have left a few duplicates there (I deleted over a hundred)

    As for the server, It is a virtual server hosting 4 other sites and I dod not have the time to look in detail at what was actually going on, but as I said, removing this plugin restored sanity to the system 🙂

    Anyway, I like the idea of your plugin, I hope no one else has my experience.


    Plugin Author Lew Ayotte


    Hi Ossi,

    It looks like something may have gone wrong with your RSS puller. I do see where there were a bunch of duplicate posts to twitter because of the different TinyURL, each one is to also to a different post on your site (which is why the TinyURL changed).

    For instance, these three tweets:
    Get the Samsung Fascinate for a penny!: 1:10 AM Sep 28th via

    Get the Samsung Fascinate for a penny!: 1:10 AM Sep 28th via

    Get the Samsung Fascinate for a penny!: 1:10 AM Sep 28th via

    Go to these three posts (respectively):

    Which tells me that the post “Get The Samsung Fascinate for a Penny” attempted to be published several times on your site. Do you have a lot of invalid posts on your blog (or posted that are labeled as “missed schedule”? definitely doesn’t create new content, it is only triggered when a new post is published.

    What are you using to pull in RSS content? I’d like to test this out to see if I can replicate the issue.

    Thanks again and sorry you had such a bad experience.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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