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  • I’m experiencing som problems displaying matches manually in one of my theme files. Here’s the piece of code I’ve added to the theme.

    <?php leaguemanager_matches(1, mode=’home’) ?>

    It makes the whole screen white. Anybody got an idea what’s going on and can point me in the right direction?

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  • The function call is not correct. I’ve made some small changes to the function calls, so upgrade to 3.0.2 and then do this:

    <?php leaguemanager_matches( 1, array( ‘mode’ => ‘home’ ) ); ?>

    And how would I add a custom template?

    I mean how would I reference a custom template in that code?
    <?php leaguemanager_matches( 1, array( ‘mode’ => ‘home’, ‘template’ => ‘myTemplate’) ); ?> ????

    Custom templates need to be put in


    the templates need to be named as follows


    So with your code the template’s name would have to be matches-myTemplate.php

    Yea I allready have a template named matches-future.php in my_theme_dir/leaguemanager/. It’s a slightly modified version of the matches template.

    I guess my question is how I can use the template in the following code:
    <?php leaguemanager_matches( 1, array( ‘mode’ => ‘home’ ) ); ?>

    <?php leaguemanager_matches( 1, arraz('mode' => 'home', 'template' => 'future') ) ?>

    For some reason it’s not working. It’s not using my custom template. Here’s what I’ve done.

    1. I’ve copied the matches.php file into my_theme_dir/leaguemanager/ and renamed it matches-future.php
    2. I’ve modified the file slightly (deleted the first row from the table)
    3. I’ve added the following code to one of my templates:
    <?php leaguemanager_matches( 1, array(‘mode’ => ‘home’, ‘template’ => ‘future’) ) ?>

    It works if I use short code but not manually in the template. I don’t have wp installed in my root directory (it’s in root/wordpress) could that have anything to do with it?

    Ok i’ve managed to locate the problem I think. In your functions.php the leaguemanager_matches function is missing ‘template’ => $template from the echo $lmShortcodes->showMatches. Thought you might wanna know that.

    Fixed that

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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